Frequently Asked Questions

I feel like the evaluator is biased, and the evaluation is going against me. What can I do?

If you genuinely believe the evaluator is biased against you, is incompetent, isn't following correct procedure, or is simply not doing a proper evaluation for whatever reason, you should IMMEDIATELY inform your attorney and file an objection. DO NOT WAIT for the report to come back to see what is says; by then it will be too late to raise an objection, and consequently very difficult to overturn. It is vital to note and object to any practice or incident during the evaluation rather than after it.

Before lodging a complaint, however, make certain it isn't frivolous. It's best to tailor the level of your response in proportion to the irregularity. Groundless or unfounded complaints against the evaluator will not help your case.

If you believe your evaluation was done improperly, this article may be of some help:
Overturning Parenting Evaluations