Frequently Asked Questions

Is PAS real? Is it a genuine 'syndrome'?

First of all, keep in mind that the terms 'parental alienation' and 'parental alienation syndrome' should not be used interchangebly. They are not the same thing.

'Parental Alienation' is definitely real, and that it occurs is indisputable; what is not clear is whether or not alienating behavior can at some point be clinically defined as a 'syndrome'. Currently this topic is being actively discussed and debated by members of the psychiatric and medical community.

It is our feeling that it is entirely unimportant as to whether any particular alienating behavior qualifies as a 'syndrome' or not; we believe that alienating behavior in and of itself is harmful to the child regardless of how it is classified or labeled, and that such behavior should be taken seriously by judges and mental health professionals as a clear indication of an inability to parent effectively in a positive manner.