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Title: My best friend
Post by: _bondservant on Nov 18, 2004, 12:32:00 AM
THe mom has recently decided to go to court and only wants me to see him on the weekends.  I know that seems like a good deal to some people but it won't be for my son.  Ever since we split up I we have shared the time with our son equally.  We worked it out so that we each would see him 3.5 days of the week.  Now because of our differences she wants to lessen the time I spend with him.  So she is going to court.  I know that in most cases he would stay with his mom more.  But ever since he was 3 months old (he is 17m onths now) I have been seing him pretty much every other day.  We have grown to be really good friends and I dedicate my whole life to reaising and disciplining and teaching my son.  I know in most cases, like divorce and stuff, that it is hard for the child to go back in forth between parents.  The change is hard for a child to deal with.  But with my son he has been doing this routine since he was 3 months, and we have grown really close.  I think it would be more damaging than helpful to decrease my time with him.  What chances do you think I have that I will be able to see my son the same amount of time.  I want what is best for my child, and I think I need to be very involved for that to happen.