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Title: Court Ordered Therapy...
Post by: gemini3 on Oct 24, 2007, 03:43:05 AM
This is getting complicated, so let me give some background.  Sorry in advance for the long post.

My husband and his ex were in court 8 weeks ago for custody modification.  His motion was denied.  The judge ordered them to go to counseling to learn "cooperative co-parenting", and agreed to clarify the visitation schedule by giving exact dates and times for each visitation period.  He asked his ex's atty to write the order, and the GAL "volunteered" to mediate if they were unable to agree on a counselor.

Since then ex's atty submitted the order, but completely changed the rotation of the visitation schedule instead of just clarifying dates and times, and also added the verbiage "as father's work schedule allows".  His attorney refused to sign it, and sent her atty a letter asking her to remove that verbiage and correct the rotation of the visitation schedule.  That was 3 weeks ago.

My atty received correspondence from her atty stating that she didn't want the children to stay with me while their father was at work, and that she is refusing to remove the wording.  He responded that if she didn't revise the order we would have to go back before the judge, and that he was going to ask for atty fees because his ex refuses to comply with the court’s ruling.  So, as it stands, there is no signed order.

In addition to that, the ex is causing a lot of problems with the therapy.  While my husband was waiting to receive a signed order before beginning therapy, she scheduled an appointment with a therapist without discussing it with him.  He got an e-mail stating "We have an appointment for court ordered therapy at (address) on (date and time)."  The name of the therapist wasn't included in the e-mail, and she scheduled it on our wedding day.  He responded and asked that she cancel the appointment because he would be unable to attend because that was his wedding day (she knew this months in advance).  He also stated that he would not agree to meet with anyone unless he had the opportunity to check their credentials in advance, and agreed to use them.  

She responded by saying that she would not cancel the appointment because "it had been long enough and the process needed to be started".  So, he googled the address and got the phone number, and cancelled the appointment himself.  He then sent her an e-mail and told her that he had cancelled the appointment, and that when we returned from our honeymoon he would send her a list of counselors that he would agree to see.
Title: RE: Court Ordered Therapy...
Post by: mistoffolees on Oct 24, 2007, 04:39:06 AM
Just document everything. It's obviously going to end up back in front of the judge and you want to be able to show that you're being reasonable and the other side is not. From what you've said, that shouldn't be too hard.

Do what your attorney says, as well.