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Title: Is it personality or disorder
Post by: Ref on Jul 12, 2004, 02:21:01 PM
There are a few things my SD does that concern me. She is 13.

1. She lies all the time. Not big lies. She lies about how her friends think she is the smartest, prettiest etc. She lies about dreams she didn't have. She lies to cover-up bad things BM does (smoking etc). She has been a story teller since I have known her (8+ years)

2. She has a blanket she brings with her whenever she spends the night.

3. She is fanatical about lipstick/balm and beuty products to the point of mild panic if there is none around. Also something she has been doing for 8+ years.

4. She fakes illness to avoid responsibility. She has a headache if she doesn't want to swim. Often her back hurts (her mother has a back problem) if she doesn't want to do physical activity.

I know it is not extreme behavior, but it seems real odd. Some seems obsessive (lotion and lip balm), some seems like she is not behaving at her age level (sleeping with the door cracked, blanket) and some seems like she is extemely insecure (lies about how other people percieve her).

Any advice?
Title: RE: Is it personality or disorder
Post by: DeeDee on Jul 30, 2004, 12:12:27 PM
Speaking from experience with my sk's, and not as a professional, it sounds like your sd may have some sort of panic/anxiety disorder.

Has she ever been in counseling?

Sometimes a little counseling to improve self esteem helps.

Just to let you know,  if she really does have an anxiety/panic disorder she may really be experiencing headaches, stomach and back pain---they are so anxious and stressed muscles get tight etc.

If you think for a moment--how would your behavior be today if you had been telling lies and covering up for your sd's bm for the past eight years?

The door open and taking a blanket with her is not a personality issue...