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Title: Please help!!
Post by: bgt7nelder93.1 on Jan 09, 2006, 09:04:55 PM

  I have joint custody of my boys the father has physical care. I just recently had a xmas visitation with the boys. I live in Ohio and they live in Iowa and to my understanding joint custody meant equal rights. Well I took the boys to the pediatrician to get tox screens done because the 9 yr old told me his dads girlfriend gives him a sleeping pill at night and that he dont know about it but when he tried to tell his dad he pushed him away and the other one was sick. Well when the father and the girlfriend picked them up I told them I took both boys to the dr because 8 yr old was sick and that I had well child check ups done on them til I got the results I didnt want to stir things up ,well the girlfriend yelled at my husband and I said that we should have just given him a breathing treatment and that I should have gotten her permission to take them to the dr. now she is taking me back to court to get supervised visits and she has stopped all of my phone visitations,she says its causing undue distress to the boys, who does she think she is?
The father doesnt care who he is hurting the kids. There are two other boys in this situation one that is biologically this fathers child, but he wants nothing to do with him and one who is not his biological child but has grew up with all these boys until this father and his girlfriend took off with them. any answers would help. thanks in advance.
Title: I wouldn't sweat the court thing
Post by: Ref on Jan 12, 2006, 06:37:30 AM
If all you did was take them to the Dr. one time to make sure they are well. That is hardly a bad thing to do, unless your agreement states otherwise.

Wait until you actually get served the papers for court before you worry about threats like this.

Anyway, if you do go to court, you can modify your agreement to have more specific phone visitation.

Do your kids have email? You could contact them that way. BM is my case won't "allow" me to call or write SD, so I signed up to a free blog page called Livejournal ( I write in it a few days of the week, just saying what is going on here. SD responds to it every now and then (usually when she is bored and doesn't feel like watching TV at home)

Good Luck
Title: RE: I wouldn't sweat the court thing
Post by: bgt7nelder93.1 on Jan 12, 2006, 08:58:13 PM
Thanks I will at least try to get some rest at night.