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Title: MoMs who loose
Post by: true on Mar 25, 2007, 07:34:42 PM
Hey there,

Yes, it does happen. Even when you try to do the very best. Campaigning against the freebee's during parenting time can only do so much.
My children are now 16 and 13 their other parent offered them new rooms, decorated to the max, there were the disney trips, Cancun trips, Virginia Beach trips. My world consisted of being the MoM getting them up for school, on time to their sports events, practicies that they choose to be in, getting the homework done, going to pta, being there for the IEP meetings (alone) etc.
i didnt have the extra cash for vacations.............
The third wife was the clincher the children bought and sold themselves into this new lifestyle.
The newest court order is a diaster to say the least. At this point in time, if I make no complaints I will not see my children until Christmas 2008 & only if i can pay for full transportation too and from their new residence..............venting thanks for listening.

Title: You didn't lose custody
Post by: olanna on Mar 27, 2007, 11:03:52 PM
Your children were purchased.  It all comes out in the wash and although this might come off somewhat harsh, it's more painful to know that they don't have true loyalty and love than it is to know you won't see them for a bit.

Use this time to take care of yourself. Enjoy some of your new freedom and count your blessings that you have been relieved of some of the teenage strife.  

Truth always shines through.

Most welcomed for the listening...

Title: Good Points!
Post by: MixedBag on Mar 28, 2007, 06:02:46 AM
Hope this mom and parent starts saving up for the trip in 2008 now so that it happens.

And to the mom, work on keeping in touch anyways in any shape or form that you can think of no matter what.  Those kids know you are their mom and that's what counts.
Title: RE: Good Points!
Post by: true on Mar 30, 2007, 07:52:58 PM
Thanks for the input. I am saving for the transportation not for a vacation with the children. With the new court order they are taking 60% of what I make at this point in time.  If I can get a court order that will allow me to move within the 100 miles rule then I plan to move. At this point will save for transportation as its 100% my costs for noncust partenting time. Currently, I am trying to find employment within their area that the judge would allow me to move to be nearer the children. I know that I can not accept a wage lower than what I make now or a wage without insurance as I am court ordered to provide health insurance.
The children are doing okay, they sound sad, but they are thriving and suceeding in school, which is upmost important more important then the i win you loose situation, that parent struggle we have been going through.

Thanks again,
Title: Why do you need a judge's permission to move?
Post by: MixedBag on Apr 01, 2007, 06:41:37 AM
closer to your children?

As for health insurance, consider enrolling them in the state's program in the interim.  

Iknowmost employers don't even offer benefits until you've been employed for 90 days.

Programs like Allkids here in AL might be available to cover that gap.

Title: You can move wherever/whenever you want.
Post by: olanna on Apr 01, 2007, 09:22:53 AM
You don't anyone's permission to do that..this *is* America. If you have a judge stating that he has jurisdiction over where you live, you need to file a complaint with his circuit and with the bar association in that area.

Do you have the kind of skillsets that you can start your own business? The advantages of that are twofold.

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