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Title: what do you think - change in CS
Post by: bilrobb on Mar 11, 2005, 09:21:40 PM
I have been paying CS to ex who I share 50/50 custody and live three blocks from. For eight years she has chosen not to work and the court agreed with her that she should not have income inpuned, result has been that I have gotten myself in trouble with IRS by claiming to many dependants to increase my net pay to pay the riduculas CS. She also lives rent free at a house that her mother owns.

For the last eight months she has been involved in the real estate business as an agent with a very good frim but has not made any money, but has had to put money up for her trainin, computer, sales seminars etc (start up costs).

Do any of you have any experience on how to handle this (she still has no income but works a forty hour week), help please.