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Title: Leaving us in the black
Post by: almostastepmom on Jun 17, 2005, 10:53:07 AM
Hi there!  
Need to know if anyone has been in this position before or could give me advice on what to do.... Here is the situation.

FI's ex took him back to court to get more CS.  That day the judge set his income and hers and told our lawyers that a program called circle e would be used to figure out the new CS payment.  Our lawyer imputed the incomes and came out thith three sets of numbers.  This is what the program is suppose to do.

The judge then set a new date, which is today, to have us come back and him decide on what amount he is going to make my FI pay.  The problem is, the ex's lawyer got number higher (WAY HIGHER) then ours.  If the judge uses ANY of her numbers, each month after paying his regular bills and her, he will be in the black each month.....

How can that happen?  

The other thing is that same day, the judge said that there will be no more extra money for day care (kids are school age 10 & 11).  She then turns around and signs them up for all kinds of summer camps (claiming that is her day care) and want us to pay for them.  The kids have never been to summer camps before!  Can the judge make us pay for that too?

Title: RE: Leaving us in the black
Post by: ocean on Jun 17, 2005, 03:45:40 PM
The camp expenses should only be in the parents agree or if BM is working and has to put them in a program. Camps can be very expensive and if money is an issue then fun can be made otherways. I hope you did okay today!
Title: RE: Leaving us in the black
Post by: almostastepmom on Jun 21, 2005, 04:48:37 PM
Well, we won!!!!  The judge told her that "summer camp" can not be used as day care and for that fact, she was already getting money for day care, which is put into the CS payment.  He told her that it was bad enought that she had been "double dipping" in that area for the past 4 years, but to have him pay for this was crazy!  

The judge also ruled for our CS payment to go up less then $100.00 a month.  So we are happy and can't wait to get on with our lives.... Until the next time she wants something......