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Title: insurance and kidcare
Post by: wallyworld on Jul 30, 2006, 07:53:11 AM
[posted on soc as well.  It's me wally, im back :(]

I live in IL (divorce originated in IL) Ex and child lives in FL (visitation order/transportation now has FL jurisdiction. IL retained jurisdiction over childsupport (which has insurance order listed for it to be provided by me).

Ex didn't understand that with insurance there is usually a deductable AND copay-out of pocket expenses. My insurance WAS 500 ded., but I recently changed it to 100.

Well that wasn't good enough for ex. She didn't like paying at all. So I am assuming that she applied for kidcare through florida as she asked me to drop my daughter from my policy so she could get her on kidcare-- I ademently RUFUSE.. She didn't tell them that I have my daughter insured. (I am assuming). She hasn't used my insurance in over 2 years; hence, why I believe she is using kidcare. So I have my daughter on my policy and use it when she is here for the summer.

1. Can I get in trouble if she did indeed file for benefits and lied about my daughter NOT having benefits provided by me?

2. CAn she get in trouble.

3. Should I call kidcare and tell them? I don't want to get in trouble.

4. What is the outcome usually for stuff like this?

5. Does it matter that I am in IL and she is in FL (as is my daughter?)
Title: You should call them immediately!
Post by: VeronicaGia on Aug 03, 2006, 12:44:43 PM
You should immediately contact them and tell them that you cover the child.  There is no reason for you to be in trouble if you didn't know what she did!

Did she ask you to drop the insurance in writing?  If you drop it, you will be in trouble with the court that ordered you to have coverage.  She cannot just tell you to drop it, the court must order it!

You need to cover yourself in case kidcare tries to get their money back from YOU.