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Title: TX child support completely wrong!
Post by: awakenlynn on Jan 15, 2007, 05:09:49 PM
I received a letter from the State of TX Attorney General's office this weekend.  It said that in 30 days it was going to notify the credit bureaus that my child support was now $320 monthly and that I have an arrears of $2200.

IL has jurisdiction for the child support.  The SDU office said they have control over the child support issue unless an interstate case is opened or until TX notifies them of the change in jurisdiction.

TX said they cannot speak with IL and IL said they cannot speak to TX.  TX pulled child support for 3 weeks from my second job in the amount of the child support order from 1994.  The TX office said they needed a certified copy of the most current child support withholding notice to update the amount.

TX said they had an arrears because when ex tried to get support in 2003 from TX, IL still had full jurisdiction of the whole case and ex was told to resolve the TX issue.  Apparently she didn't.

1.  Can TX notify the credit bureaus?

2. Can TX be held liable since the information they have, they know is inaccurate?

3. Can ex be held liable if we found out she gave inaccurate information?

Title: RE: TX child support completely wrong!
Post by: leon on Jan 15, 2007, 05:43:57 PM
sounds like a lot of BS to me, more important is, someone and its not you, needs to decide who has jurisidiction or there in violation of fedral law, under title IV-d of the Social Swcurity act, title 42 U.S.C, and the interstate support Act.
Would you be enterested in a Copy of the TEXAS Cooperative Agreements, the one where the AG for the state of TEXAS has a direct Pecuinary enterest in every child support case, legit or not.
Title: RE: TX child support completely wrong!
Post by: awakenlynn on Jan 16, 2007, 08:33:44 AM
We know its not us who decides who has jurisdiction.  Right now no state has established jurisdiction.  Until another state does, then IL SDU keeps the child support active and current.

I will have to look at the Social Security act you have listed.  I would be interested in a copy of the TX cooperative agreements.  I have reviewed the UIFSA(?) and according to that there is very strict determination if TX is allowed to have long arm jurisdiction.  We do not fall under any of them.

TX can think what they want, but until something is established.  And TX says it must be done by the ex, IL keeps the child support under their umbrella until they are legally contacted that another state has taken over the job.