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Title: Ah yes, the lovely child support saga continues. LONG VENT.
Post by: Amy_in_MA on Apr 26, 2007, 11:25:18 AM
I have been calling DOR (who handles CSE here in MA) for almost 3 months now (actually more like over 3 years, but just in this cycle it's been about 3 months) to get them to enforce the wage assignment order we have (back from was active until he became unemployed and then unemployment ran out in 2003...he has subsequently found work and is working full-time and has been for some time).

Back on February 20th, I provided them with employer information (obtained from my ex's myspace page, of all places). DOR told me that they already had a wage assignment packet out (as per my request February 7), but it was not the employer I had just provided them with information for. They cannot send out any additional wage assignment packets until this one is "resolved" (made active, they are told he doesn't work there, whatever).

After weeks and weeks of having to follow up (because the employer hasn't responded to the packet, or to numerous phone calls they have made to verify his employment), I got the same apathetic worker I spoke to last week. I asked what steps they take when employers are non-compliant. She told me "we sent them another wage assignment package." I asked how that enforces everything, and she started to give me another standard apathetic response. I asked to speak to a supervisor.

The supervisor and seemed to understand what I was saying. I asked what steps they take if an employer is non-compliant. He said "well, this is just one of the steps we take...we have to document that we have tried to contact them numerous times before we can claim that they are non-compliant with the law and do anything about it." I told him that while I understand that, and that while I know they cannot confirm for me who the employer is that they have sent the wage assignment package to, I can tell them that I know he has two jobs. And one of those jobs is for (XYZ COMPANY)...and that is a part-time job. As such, even if the employer DOES respond, the 65% garnishment issue will come into effect and what will be withheld/sent in will be minimal. He was very interested in hearing that and basically, unofficially confirmed for me that that is in fact who they have sent the wage assignment order to.

So, he put a note to request a phone call into the employer that I gave them the information for back in February and just ask if he is in fact employed there. Two, he would note that the employer to whom they have sent a wage assignment order may in fact be only a part-time employer and as such, be impacted by the 65% income withholding rules. I asked him if one week was enough time for me to wait before checking back to find out the status. He said "at least that long."

*sigh* It irks me so much that he can just not provide this information would be SO much easier and it would just be done. He said "well, the last payment you received was sent directly by him." I said "I understand that, but if you notice, he pays sporadically, and he's always very, very short on the amount. And there is an order for wage assignment for a reason."


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Title: RE: Ah yes, the lovely child support saga continues. LONG VENT.
Post by: dipper on Apr 29, 2007, 07:24:57 PM
I can sympathize.  I live in VA...and its much the same.  My ex moved to NC and its like he entered a different world.  He jumps jobs and I usually have to find out where and let them know.  he will tell me that he has told them, but he doesnt........this time I cannot find out where he is working but I have notified them that he switched jobs yet again.  He is over $10,700 behind now....Why dont they do something..because as long as he pays any amount in a three month period, they do nothing.  True....

It is a long, brutal process.  But, if your ex lives in the same state, you can atleast file your own show cause against him and have it served....Do it every time he pulls one of his stunts...
Title: The resetting of the clock...
Post by: Amy_in_MA on Apr 30, 2007, 04:15:39 AM
That lovely little (and I do mean little) payment that gets sent in just before the 8 week mark (here in MA) before you are first eligible through DOR to file for contempt. Dad is 45 minutes away in NH...he and his then girlfriend moved 8 weeks after son was born to NH from their 10-minute away from son location.

I've worked really hard to be in a position where I am ok supporting our son without the child support. I think (with this next paycheck) I may be there and I was just promoted. It still doesn't make up for all the years of debt I carried when things were short or had to be charged because the "cash" had to be saved to pay daycare. Ah well. I'm grateful we've been able to make do no matter what. I shouldn't complain.


Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become. Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be; your ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil.

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Title: (((Amy))) I feel your pain!!..m
Post by: Giggles on May 02, 2007, 10:29:03 AM
I FINALLY got CSE to go for contempt...I haven't gotten a check in over 7 months and that one was far short of the total amount :-(  I've provided his employer, his home address everything and they say they tried to verify, but it came back..grrr  BUT I got him now!!  I've been monitoring him on the State court website and found out he has a pre-trial conference for a Traffic violation.  He WILL be there because if not, they will throw him in jail.  I let CSE know when and where that court case is and they will serve him then!!!  This will be the 3rd contempt judgement against it really matters :-(  He's over $18,500 in arrears...if you calculate that out...(YD is almost 8) he's only paid 2.5 years out of 8 sigh.