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Title: charter Dads group in Fort Smith area
Post by: Sarahs_Dad on Feb 16, 2004, 02:54:25 PM
I'm considering starting a dads' rights/support group to meet somewhere around Fort Smith.  For several months I have been attending and participating in a dads' group in Tulsa, OK.  A similar group is needed in Arkansas and I don't know of any active ones.  I can relate to other dads who have been isolated from their children due to the family injustice system and the ex-..../other parent.  My case and child are in Oklahoma.  The foremost concern of this proposed group is the children and their welfare.  They need both parents involved.  Please reply if you would be interested in such a group.
Title: RE: charter Dads group in Fort Smith area
Post by: metamorphosis on Jul 31, 2005, 09:07:44 AM
This is a very old message, so I don't know if it is still valid, but I am thinking of doing the same thing for all of Northwest Arkansas.  We live in the Fayetteville area, but stepkids are in Fort Smith.  I have contacted ACFC to get information on starting a local chapter.  Email me if still interested.  This area really needs it!
Title: RE: charter Dads group in Fort Smith area
Post by: Sarahs_Dad on Mar 22, 2006, 08:08:00 AM
I went to a political conference in Memphis earlier this month and met with the Executive Director of American Coalition of Fathers and Children (ACFC), several other NCP rights activists from around the country, and Richard Farr of KRights Radio.

I want to develop the interest in forming a new group for non-custodial parents in AR, or to grow the group D.A.D.S., and perhaps become an official affiliate of ACFC ( )

Please reply with your opinions about what city or town and time to hold meetings, and a name for the group (Dads Are Displaced, Demanding A Different Society, just Arkansas Chapter or Coalition (of ACFC), or a different name.  I live in Fort Smith.  I know most of you are scattered throughout the state and a few live in other states while you have a case or child in AR.  My idea is to rotate weekly meetings among Fayetteville/Springdale, Fort Smith, Hot Springs, and Conway/Little Rock.  I know NCP groups in surrounding states to help us organize and grow.

Kinley Hardin
Fort Smith, AR