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Title: Remove your Arkansas district/state case to Federal district court !!
Post by: Sarahs_Dad on May 26, 2004, 02:22:34 PM
I would be glad to help any non-custodial parent to remove their case from county/state family court in Western Arkansas to federal district court and invoke Constitutional/federal equal parenting laws, rights, and other state and Supreme court rulings.  I have well-pleaded, well-supported and well-written federal forms that can be modified for your case/situation.  There is much case law supporting a person's right to file/sue and represent themself pro se if they choose.
Anyone is welcome to reply to this message publically or privately.  If requested, I can forward an 8-page e-mail containing more details.
In addition to individual cases, Indiana Civil Rights Council is coordinating and organizing a Class Action suit to be filed in each state soon on behalf of all non-custodial parents and victims of CPS, DHS, etc.  Volunteer Class Action Coordinators are still needed for about 25 (half) of the states.
For more information, go to