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Post by: FL_48603 on Jul 02, 2005, 10:25:06 AM
My ex took off with my child yesterday. My ex took my child out of state and caused me to miss my custodial time with my child. This breaks about 3 different points in our order, and my attorney had wrriten a letter to their attorney pointing out that the time they were fighting for was in violation.

Because my ex has abducted my child in the past so as to relocate them as leverage in their case, I asked the local police to file a report.

After sufficiently grilling me (in case you have yet to guess, I am the non-cusotdial Dad) and overscrutinizing my court order (which I keep on hand like my license, registration and proof of insurance), the cop told me he would take the order back and scrutinize it some more, then call me letting me know his thoughts.

He did call me explaining that he and his superior wanted to know if I wanted the report sent to the DA for criminal charges.

What does this mean to me? Will they take my ex to jail, and should I allow this?

Please advise
Post by: Fair_Rulings on Aug 01, 2005, 06:48:42 PM
If the DA looks at it they might consider filing criminal charges, but that will be up to the DA.  If your ex is in violation then it will help you if you need to file an OSC Modification in the future and in any evaluations you might have.  You should ask your attorney any legal questions you might have regarding this situation.  Your attorney may want to immediately go back to court ex-parte on Contempt charges.  Good luck