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Title: hope u can help
Post by: bells7 on Oct 12, 2006, 05:17:49 PM


New to the site and have a general question.

I was just served with a motion to show cause and a hearing date for 11/22/06. Two problems

1. I am scheduled to be out of town with family for the week of Thanksgiving and

2. I will be 33 weeks prego at that time as well.

My Doctor is prepping a letter to the court noting it is unhealthy for me to be in a stressful situation until well after my delivery.

This is regarding a matter that actually occurred almost two years ago and the outcome is not a pending matter. mny ex husband agreed to pay our IRS overpayment and he did in jan 05. Now that he is remarried he has just served me with a demand to pay half. I paid the State overpayment that we were just billed for as was our agreement. I would technically owe him about $1,000. Again I do not see this as an impending situation and just wondering ......

How do I request a change of court date.

Any suggestions, insights or answers are greatly appreciated.


Please help

Title: RE: hope u can help
Post by: Fair_Rulings on Oct 21, 2006, 02:35:02 AM
Are you "IN PRO PER"?  If so file for an extension of time.  If you have an attorney then have him/her contact your ex's attorney to ask for an extension.  If you are IN PRO PER you too can ask your ex's attorney for an extension of time.

If they do not give you an extension, then go in Ex-parte, but ask first and make sure you document that you asked by sending a fax and save the fax transmittal sheet, Express mail, Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation etc...

Good luck