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Title: Please help...
Post by: gmmiller1977 on Aug 31, 2008, 08:53:37 AM
Ill try to keep this brief....Im currently serving in the Air Force in Georgia.  Ive been going through a custody battle in California for my two sons since Jan 08.  The last hearing was last week were I thought for sure I was going to be granted custody.  My wife had been in contempt of the judges orders twice. The first time for not paying half of the fees for transportation while my sons visited in june and july. The second for not turning over my oldest son to come back with me to Georgia and enroll him in school.  In the last hearing she was not found in contempt after not following the last to orders but given another chance to get her act together. The judge ordered her to take parenting classes and make sure my oldest son do well in school( he is currently on a IEP).  The next hearing is dec 18th.  The other thing the judge said was if I could get staitioned in California or somehow reside there I would have custody of the boys.  I know that makes no sence!  Im going to write my congressman, but other than that I dont know what to do.