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Title: Cocaine not child abuse in Michigan
Post by: JS_Klag on May 01, 2005, 02:09:04 PM
I am currently in Denver, CO. I came to Colorado at the end of february because I had secured employment.  My wife was to put the house on the market and she and the family(1bs, 1ss, 1sd) were to follow me to colorado and we all live happily ever after. Wrong, I returned Easter weekend to find she had pawned everything of value including her engagement ring and smoked it all away in the crack pipe with her high school sweetheart. She did this in front of the kids(2,  8, 11) The MI govornors office informs me that illegeal drug use, specifically cocaine, in and of itself is not child abuse nor neglect. I am in need of  an attorney in Berrien CountyMI, very close to South Bend IN. Child protection is no help and I am very worried about safety of my 2 year old and his brother and sister. Should I go back to the house or will it be possible to secure custody from Colorado? I need an awesome, no holds barred, down and dirty attorney practicing in southwest Michigan, specifically Berrien county. Anyone with any info or suggestions please respond to