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Title: Multi State Jurisdiction
Post by: joni on Dec 11, 2003, 09:39:53 AM

Welcome Dean,

We reside in IL.  My husband's Ex wants to move to NY from MI.  The current jurisdiction is MI for child custody/support.  We're fighting move to NY but that's another story.

What happens down the road with regards to child support?  Would my husband's Ex have any success getting it moved to NY if she's allowed to permanently move there?

Naturally, we're concerned about which state is in our favor with regards to the child support calculation.  New York pays child support until 21 y.o. so that might be a huge motivator for his Ex to fight to move it to NY.

Also, is there a web site that you're aware of that compares the differences in the child support calculations between the various states so that we can do some research?