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Title: Constitutional challenge to Illinois Child Support Guidelines
Post by: kenmcneil on Feb 25, 2004, 03:40:31 PM
I am an attorney with one of the leading family law firms in Chicago, and a 1985 graduate of Harvard Law School. I have developed four promising constitutional arguments that have apparently never been made in attacking the Illinois child support guidelines. However, the party for whom these arguments were developed lacks standing to mount a challenge to the overbreadth of the statute (which is at the heart of the two central arguments).

The ideal case would involve a prospective non-custodial parent who (a) has income in the middle to upper income range and (b) is already subject to a prior guideline order of support from an earlier divorce. If anyone knows of such a case that is currently, or will soon be pending in the Illinois courts, please contact me at 312-861-4600 or