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Title: Need legal advise!!!
Post by: JNJ7904 on Mar 17, 2006, 09:28:29 AM

I am a desperate father looking for his 6 yr old son that i haven't seen since he was 2 yrs old i have spoken to him about 3 times last yr, but everytime that his mother calls me she either threatens my life or she wont let me speak to my child or even see him. i would like to see him and have him in my arms once again.. i know that there are plenty of fathers out there that are going through the same thing.. i live in the state of MD and i need legal advise as to what i can do to find them. I have done everything that i can and no signs. She told me that she was living in South East Washington DC and that was it. When she calls she blocks the number, a couple of times she has put my hopes up telling that she was going to meet me so that i can spend the weekend with him and when i get there she would have me sitting there for about 5 hrs. I have waited that long 3 times and i havent been able to see him. There must be away that i can find my child and get at least visitation right or even 50/50 custody over my child. I want the best for him and i want him to know that his father will always be there for him no matter what. The last time i spoke to my son was on thanksgiving, once i told his mother that i had another child with another women she got mad and threatened my life and stated that i will never see my child again. I am hoping that one day i will have him with me again and have him meet his little 1 almost 2 yr old brother that looks identical to him and all he ever does is point at his brothers picture calling daddy out. I look forward to get a responce soon. Thanks!!
Title: RE: Need legal advise!!!
Post by: ScottK on Mar 22, 2006, 03:33:47 PM
File papers in the circuit court for custody and visitation. Have the papers served through the sheriff's office. If the mother has taken your child outside of the child's state of residence to confound your attempts at visitation then that would be cause for the judge to grant you custody. That is if you do not have a history of domestic violence against the mother or child. If you can prove in any way that your ex is calling and making threats against you then that too can be used in court.
Good luck.