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Title: Paper's Served
Post by: mustrelax on Jan 26, 2006, 06:34:39 AM
Hi All,

During a very down time in my life, I was served papers while being held on bail for Assault.  No excuse, but wherever my head was at the time I do not remember what the were for.  Possibly family court.  Possibly papers stating that the X took sole custody since I got arrested.

Since then, nothing has changed.  Still paying 1200/month in CS, kids with me every weekend, etc....

Now the EX is threatining that If I dont increase payments, she and her wife will move themselves and children out of country.  She states she Sole, so Im guessing that was what the papers were for.

again, I was in a very bad place and it was irresponsible not to pay attention to the papers.  It was like "who gives a damn"?

Would I contact the local Family Court for copies?

Im in MA.


Title: RE: Paper's Served
Post by: snapplegirl69 on Jan 28, 2006, 04:31:50 PM
Yes you can.You go right down to your local family probate court and can get copies on the spot.If you cant and are going to have them mailed to you,tell her you want to see these so called papers.As for more money,its not court ordered,so tell her until it is court ordered,you will only give what is ordered.Dont let this bm screw you.You know all of theses bm tactics make me sick.It makes the decent women look bad and in turn,guy wont want to have kids with them because of the bad ones!