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Title: eval update...
Post by: hatewelfare on Mar 01, 2004, 01:21:06 AM
I got the latest order from the judge in Todd county. She made an order for the evlauation a vonuntary one. Gave me make-up visitation with my son for the time I was wrongly keep from visitation. (It was wrote that "The father has been unfairly denied two weekend visits and is entitled to compensatory parenting to to include an additional weekend of his choice between now and April 1, and to include the Friday before and the Monday following Easter Sunday.")
8. Types of Reports and Deadlines. The Guardian shall file a final written report whithin 30 days which advises the court as to the childrens best interests, taking into account all the factors set forth above, as well as any reports of phychological evaluations requested by the Guardian at the hearing herein on Feb. 19th, 2004. The Guardian's requested that the parties each have psychological evaluations; they are each to have such voluntary evaluations as the guardian may arrange, at each party's own expense.
GAL was under the impression that it was ordered by the court. I am still planning on taking the MMPI test. I doubt that the PBFH is going to take it. She will have to drive from Iowa to Alex. MN to take it and pay the $650 for the test. In talking to PBFH, she said she doesn't see why she has to drive and doesn't have the money to take it....right....

I wonder how this will play out in court with just me taking the test?
Doesn't that make another mark against her?

I was told by the GAL that she is going to base custody on this test...but that was before...if the PBFH doesn't take the test what will the GAL do?

I hope I'm not going to dish out another $650 for the GAL to say that my son is better off staying with the PBFH.

Any thoughts???

Title: RE: eval update...
Post by: tulip on Mar 06, 2004, 11:10:27 AM
I don't know how anyone can base a custody decision on the MMPI. While it may give them some idea of your personality, it really can't conclude whether or not you are a good parent. That's just plain dumb. IMHO, that test is a crock, but that's another story.
I think that the fact that you are willing to do whatever it takes for your kids, and your ex is not should weigh on the decision.