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Title: accused of child abuse but never charced ,forced sepperation
Post by: terryswan064 on Mar 15, 2004, 05:54:32 AM
ok back in nov, i was accused of child abusse social servesies stepped in and took our daughter from us they and the police ran their invegistion and didnt charge me for it now that the invegistion is done they s.s wont let her come home unless i am out of the home we the wife and i still love each other but we want our daughter home so in order for thart to happen i had to move out ive been out know for a month and their finally letting her go home, i cant have ant type of contact with with her , and now the social worker is telling the wife that she cant see me and we cant even be togethere  at all just enought time for me to get my son for weekends is their any thing i can do ? or is she able to do this to us me and the wife ?