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Title: cs case still not over.
Post by: tulip on Oct 24, 2004, 07:10:49 PM
The very last day that the case was to be closed, bm submitted a letter from some neurologist that says she is not to drive for 6 months per MN law, and is disabled. Didn't give any details of her disability. At least 5 words were spelled wrong, and it was not signed. She also submitted a leave of absence form from her employer that wasn't signed by anyone but her.

So the cs magistrate ordered cs to be reserved until review hearing is held in 6 months. At that time she is to show very specific proof of what her physical limitations are, her diagnosis, and estimated length of time of her limitations. If not, and she is not employed full time, she is to show very specific proof of her employment search activities. She could be ordered to pay retro support, or it seems, none at all.

Her driver's license is still valid. I thought by law, her physician would be obligated to turn her in to state, but apparently they haven't.
Title: RE: Good GAAAWWWD!
Post by: Sunshine1 on Oct 25, 2004, 07:29:08 PM
Will this never end???  Are you seriously telling me that the magistrate accepted her bullsh*t letter?  For God's sake it wasn't even signed!!!

I can not believe they accepted it!  Didn't you object??  OMG, what is this state coming to for cripes sake! Well, I guess you could look at it this way.

6 months is a loooong time for a meth head to stay clean.  They get nuttier and nuttier as the months go by.  When the 6 months is up, she is not going to have good tox screen and she will probably have lost the job she DID have at the medical facility she works at. I would completely march into that DR.s office to see if that doctor knew anything about the letter he wrote and never signed.

Has anyone told the judge she has access to all of the letter head in the hospital?? The janitor could have wrote it for her!

Has she seen the kids regularly?  Has she been passing her urine tests so she can see the kids?

Keep your chin up Tulip!  I am thinking about you.  Let me know if I can help in any way!  :)
Title: Sums up my reaction perfectly!!!!
Post by: lucky on Oct 26, 2004, 06:02:21 AM
Title: RE: Good GAAAWWWD!
Post by: tulip on Oct 26, 2004, 08:59:11 AM
DH didn't have a chance to object to the letter. She submitted it the day the case closed, and we got a copy in the mail the next day. DH told me that he thinks he is going to have to hire an atty for the next hearing. He didn't think he needed one this time, and the county atty was on his side, but we are going to have to subpoena her medical records. I seriously don't understand how she could have been treated for seizures, and the hospital didn't notify the state.

She hasn't been taking drug tests, she claims that's because she doesn't medical ins. Whatever, it's always something. She has not seen the kids regularly, and in fact isn't calling them regularly anymore. She called a couple weeks ago and told the kids that if they would just tell her to, she would leave them alone. Nice huh?

She didn't call once last week to talk to the kids, but called dh everyday while they were at school. She wants the name and # of the kids' counselor, I'm sure she just wants to call them and try to manipulate things more. I told him not to tell her anything. So what if she brings him back to court? Then she can answer for why she is not following the guidelines she had agreed to last time they were there.

She has given dh the results of 3 tests. The first one was positive for meth. The second for codeine that she didn't have a prescription for and the third one for Xanax. You know what can happen if you take too much Xanax? Seizures.
Title: RE: Biggg eyeroll.
Post by: Sunshine1 on Oct 26, 2004, 07:00:50 PM
Yes, you can only do so much.  This twist is almost as good as ours.  She has to be "clean" aka no drugs in system to have visitation with the kids right?  Is that so hard these days?  You need prescriptions for all of them.

This is almost as crazy as my relatives and the PBFH we have.  PBFH has apparently been waaay to busy for the last 3 weeks to see the kids.  But we HAD to go to court to get every other Tues. and Thurs. ORDERED...but then not take them...whatever

Not sure you need a lawyer for this next hearing, but she is getting so crazy with the stunts it just might be a good idea to get this thing settled.  The review is really in 6 months??  That seems like quite a long time for CS hearing.
Title: visit
Post by: Lawmoe on Nov 02, 2004, 02:08:52 PM
Her physician is not required to report her to the State. However, he may suggest limitations with regard to her driving.

If she has been dishonest with the Magistrate, it will certainly be a harsh reality for her at her next hearing.  You may use that hearing date to subpoena work and medical records. However, first I would suggest serving formalized discovery requests in the form of interrogatories and document requests seeking information about her claimed disability and her employment search.

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