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Title: Can a ad litim fix this?
Post by: leftoverinmn on Nov 28, 2004, 07:01:41 PM
Every thursday at 5pm, and every other friday 5pm, my boyfriend goes to the CP's house to pick up his three children. She has recently moved in to a new house, and since then, she has sent the children out to the end of her driveway to wait for their father.

He's not allowed by her to pull up to the front door. There is no OFP, and no good reason to do this to the children.

It's like she is punishing them and degrading them if they want to visit their dad, by forcing them out the door in to the cold. What if the weather causes him to be later then normal one night? These children will be out in the dark, in the MN winter.

If he calls the guardian assigned to his case, can this be stopped? It's degrading to the children and completely unnecessary, and quite sad.

Would it help to have a camcorder in the truck when he pulls up, and get this on video?
Title: RE: Can a ad litim fix this?
Post by: Sunshine1 on Nov 30, 2004, 09:00:26 PM
Tell the guardian.  They may even stake out the scene to see for themselves if she denies it.  If the guardian speaks to BM about it, she may stop doing it.  If she doesn't, bring the video camera. The more documentation the better.  She is being ridiculous.  Good Luck!