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Title: is the step-mom's income counted for child support in MN?
Post by: moxie_mpls on Jun 08, 2005, 07:19:39 AM
I'm getting married to an awesome man in July and already these blood suckers (two bio-moms/2 children from separate mothers) are saying they are going to come after me and my money for child support.  The one says that my income IS counted, but I cannot find any 100% sure info on this - does anyone know what the laws in MN are pertaining to this issue?  Has anyone had to deal with this?  Know of any good links, literature or contacts that can help me? I make a good living, and I support his kids as much as I possibly can, but sheesh, I have my own family to bring up!  
Thanks for all your help!
Title: See the responses on the cs board. eom
Post by: lucky on Jun 08, 2005, 03:58:02 PM


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Title: RE: is the step-mom's income counted for child support in MN?
Post by: slg on Jun 20, 2005, 03:42:04 PM
If you do not have children with your new husband, the court does not even ask for your income.  I had the same issue.  

My husband got laid off and was on unemployment.  Instead of giving us a break, his ex made us go to court to have the child support reduced. Because in her mind, I should have had to pay the remainder of the child support so she didn't lose anything.

When we went to court, she TOLD the judge that I should have to pay the rest, talk about blood sucking.  The judge told her my income was off limits and she should never expect that I would pay one cent to her children.  He actually got upset with her arogance.  I have two children of my own that I have never received child support for, but she wanted my money as well!

So the court system (Anoka County, surprisingly) worked in my favor that day.  If we had a child together, the courts would request to know my income, but I do not know if that factors into their decision.

I wish there were some options in this state so the non custodial parent could do something about custodial parents who are only in it for the money.  The mother of my step children is not a good mom to them and they prefer it at our house, but she would fight to keep her check, which finacially, she doesn't even need.  *sigh* getting off topic
Title: RE: is the step-mom's income counted for child support in MN?
Post by: tulip on Jul 08, 2005, 09:19:01 PM
I was told by an atty when we were in a court dispute w/my dh's ex that all our financial information had to be presented. I don't know if it had to offered up at the point we were at, I think he was just being thorough, but that's beside the point. Since we file a joint tax return, my income was shown as well as his, and I had a problem with that. Atty told me that the court can require any information about my income they want to, but it will not be factored into dh's cs payment. He said the only way my income would be considered was if we were trying to claim he couldn't pay because of a financial hardship. Then if they found he was not working and I was supporting the family, he would probably still be required to pay cs.