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Title: did I do the right thing? what to expect in court ?
Post by: spinner on Jun 26, 2005, 09:02:14 AM
ok so let me paint the picture:

- Our son and I has familly in europe (note we are all american anyway)
- we weent to europe in vacation before
- I asked ex to give a written approval to go this summer as per our court order
- ex refused, and denied mediation
- I filed a motion to authorise me to go to europe with our child (not heard yet)
- I had a friend mail ex and her attorney the motion and papers certified return receipt and done affidavit of service
- Ex and I have a mutual agreement not to go by each other's home, ... mutually agreed restraining order
- the letter had my address as return address so I would get the return receipt
- Ex contacted me (on the only agreed way: by a web site) to tell me that she received letter but decided not to open it as it violate the mutually agreed restraining order (note the order doesn't say I can't mail her anyway).

So from my point of view, I served her with the motion, her attorney as well, filled with court, she even tell me she received it BUT refuses to open the letter, ...
Do I need to worry?

what is going to happen in court if she does not show up ?
I also have proof that her attorney of record received the motion, ....

any insights?