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Title: There is nothing happening in MN?????
Post by: Sunshine1 on Sep 17, 2005, 07:16:42 PM
I fail to believe nothing is going on with my friends in MN...where is everybody??

Update on us...My ex recently lost his battle with me over medical issues, and the crazy step-mom.  He has lost his 50 legal medical..only and must give the children their medications as they are prescribed by their doctors.

SM shall have no unsupervised contact with the children, and must be monitored by the BF at all times.  CS is now calculated correctly, as I have never made a modification EVER because we split everything 50/50 but since last year he cut off regular contact and any extra anything, even his own clothes at his house.  I had to start packing a bag after 5 years....jerk. And we got a new schedule...which as of yet he has not taken ANY visitations at before the order and now after.

I have 20 visits since June and he has only taken 2 actually 1 1/2 of them.  I took the advice on the 2nd families board and put him on notice that I would not be driving or waiting to see if he is taking his visit or not unless he gave a 2 day advanced notice otherwise I assume he is giving up his visit..haven't heard from him since.

DH ex has put us through quite a fun summer.  She pushed me down a flight of stairs and I am STILL in physical therapy for my back.  We were both charged and our hearings are coming up soon.  So far so good on my end my lawyer is an ex prosecutor for my county. PBFH will hopefully get in trouble because she trespassed, BE, assault, and destruction of property...oh yeah and her license is suspended due to CS....that one makes me smile.  LOL

Sooo, I know our lives can't be nearly as exciting as all of yours..

Spinner, how's it going these days?  How did mediation go or have you been yet?

Tulip, how has your lives been holding up?  Was CS ever established correctly yet?  Is she still seeing the kids?  Is she clean?  Our niece is being placed with her Grandparents (grandma works for the who do you think would get her?)  That whole thing is over next week, so we can move on finally.

Dibella...anything new with you?

Everyone else .....I hope things are calm, cool and relaxing in your households.  I have enough drama for all, ya'll.  Hope everyone is doing fine...

Title: RE: There is nothing happening in MN?????
Post by: Dibella on Sep 21, 2005, 11:07:31 AM
Absolutely nothing new on my end.  Still waiting for someone to send me a copy of her memo that was attached to her order.  ;-)

Still at the mercy of BM who seems to find every reason in the book to not take her own children to their sporting activities that "interfere with her visitation".  AMAZINGLY right after that big publication of the vote of how many people believe that the gas prices will cause them financial hardship, THAT became her new issue.  "I can't afford the transportation."  So, we never know one day to the next whether she's actually going to take them and can never make plans because when we do, she decides to act like a 2-year-old and throw a fit that she can't afford to take her own children.  And that DH is the one who wanted full custody, now he has it, so he's responsible for taking them if she cannot.  x(

I cannot write publicly what I think of this woman, but suffice it to say, it is no where near good.  Her own children suffer from her playing the victim role.  She pays full time child support, but thinks that if she plays the woos me card and goes broke and is so poor she can't afford to take her kids that the court will overturn that decision.  

I really don't want to get on a role here, so I'll end my post while I'm ahead and still have some dignity left.  lol
Title: RE: There is nothing happening in MN?????
Post by: lucky on Sep 24, 2005, 07:23:44 AM
Well, we have some stuff going on.  Pbfh#1 got evicted from the apartment that was 2 blocks from our house in mid-August.  In the 18 months she's had oss "living with" her, she's never made oss come visit, instead saying that she's not going to make her kids go somewhere they don't want to go, guess that means he doesn't ever have to go home either.

However, she moves about now to whomever will take her in and ysd is now a freshman in high school with all the extra weekend stuff that goes with it.  Pbfh#1 never had a problem with ysd doing weekend stuff when she lived close by us (and she did a lot, including church EVERY weekend), but now keeps telling ysd no because it will interfere in her time -- INCLUDING church.  Ysd now feels like she's being punished because her mother failed to pay rent and doesn't want to go see mom as often.  She also doesn't see why SHE has to go all the time yet oss doesn't have to come here all the time -- AND SHE ASKED HER MOM THAT.  Who promptly blamed dh, then RIPPED into ysd about how she always does whatever dh and I tell her to do (she's the one kid who will definitely NOT do so!)  She hasn't realized yet that ysd will only take so much from her and then will tell her to f-off and then ysd won't go see her at all anymore.  Pbfh is burning her own bridges.

I'm biding my time.  While I think it's important for ysd to visit her mom, I think it's also important for ysd to NOT be punished because of her mother's stupidity.  Pbfh has been put on notice that she has to have arrangements made and agreed to by dh 48 hours in advance of her time if the time will be different than court ordered.  If she has not done so and she doesn't show up by 6:30pm (1/2 hour late) we will assume she is skipping her visitation and will give ysd permission for activities accordingly.

Also, she collects welfare benefits based on oss living with her.  He hasn't stayed with her in over a month, but I'm biding my time on a fraud tip.  I want to be sure that THIS time when they nail her, she goes to jail and loses the ability to collect welfare altogether, so I'm giving her a couple months to accrue a large enough amount for felony charges that will stick.  She's been charged 4-5 times always getting off.

I've also notified her that I am aware of her fraudulent actions and she should NEVER, EVER consider getting on my bad side while she's doing this.  

Let her think that as long as she behaves herself I won't turn her in.  

Anyway, that's our saga nowadays.


Lead your life so you wouldn't be ashamed to sell the family parrot to the town gossip.
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Title: RE: There is nothing happening in MN?????
Post by: mplsfitter539 on Oct 03, 2005, 05:52:12 PM
What's wrong with you anyway? You have custody and you still want to whine and cry about the little stuff. I am not sticking up for your ex but you must have no idea how lucky you are to have custody. I would pay child support to my ex even if I had my daughter full time (or anytime). My ex keeps my daughter from me as much as she can (a lot) so count yourself lucky and dry up those crocidile tears.
Title: RE: Are you kidding...
Post by: Sunshine1 on Oct 03, 2005, 08:02:44 PM
I consider our children EXTREMELY lucky I have custody of them!  Their father deprives our medically fragile son his medication to SURVIVE.

Maybe you should read the post again, I don't think there was any whining and crying especially about little stuff.  BF married a bi-polar person off of after 2 Looong months of knowing her and in one year had tried to kill herself 42 times one of which our children were present.  She terrorizes our oldest every visit about hating me so I don't think a little supervision is too much to ask of the BF.

A BF who went from being extremely active in the children's lives and ate dinner at our house regularly to 8 months of no contact BY HIS CHOICE....and with the 22 visits make that 1 1/2 years of no contact total.

I also don't think anyone has the right to barge in your home with the intent to inflict bodily harm is whining and crying.  I really didn't enjoy being assaulted so let me know if you are ever assaulted and how it feels.

I am sorry you don't get to see your daughter.  That is very horrible, that is why we are all on here to get information and to support eachother.  If you don't like how things are going you need to go back to court like everyone else.  I never thought in a million years BF and I would have to go to court over anything ....but we did, and I really hate how things had to come to that.

If you want anything to change you have to change it and if there is anything I can do to help you out I would surely do it for you.

Thanks for the post.
Title: RE: Are you kidding...
Post by: mplsfitter539 on Oct 04, 2005, 04:40:05 AM
well I can see there is more to your case than originally meets the eye. Still I stand firm on the idea of not getting revenge. To many people use the courts system to inflict painful revenge. All I say to that is people who do that need to grow up. My ex uses the system to persecute me and inadvertantly my daughter by her constant litigation. She is greedy and cruel and heartless. The upside is that she will rot in hell for eternity so I don't need to get even with her, she will get what she has coming. Anyway sorry if you felt that I went to far in what I said I only saw the part about you having custody and wanting more.
Title: RE: Are you kidding...
Post by: Sunshine1 on Oct 04, 2005, 05:39:24 PM
Please do not apologize.  I know most men get the sh*t end of the stick when it comes to seeing their kids.  Its not rocket science that the courts favor the mothers, they weren't that mother happy in my neck of the woods however.

I am a father's rights advocate.  I believe fathers should be apart of their children's lives,and mothers for that matter, but not when they are a harmful influence, or either one marries psychos.  My own DH has custody of his children and it was a 2 year nightmare trying to achieve it, now it has been a 6 year battle of dealing with a mother who is pure evil.  I am sure that your ex and her will be rooming together at the "Hell Inn".

Bf lost his 50 legal medical because he married someone who thought they knew more about medicine than our son's doctor, so after listening to her about medications, he just up and stopped giving them to him...resulting in severe behaviors and health issues. He still has all his rights for educational purposes and everything else afforded with 50 legal custody, just not the medical part.  I WISHED  he would see his kids more.  I couldn't beg him to take them even if I wanted to.

A couple of weeks ago they both called me screaming to come and get them because they were not welcome in their home.  Nice huh?

I would love to inflict painful revenge, but I just don't have the stomach, time, or money to waste the courts time.

Title: Are you kidding?!?!?!?
Post by: lucky on Oct 04, 2005, 05:49:31 PM
Now YOUR ex and his wife served a TRO on you?

Good Lord, Sunshine!!!  They're ALL nuts!


Lead your life so you wouldn't be ashamed to sell the family parrot to the town gossip.
- Will Rogers[em]
Title: RE: Unreal...
Post by: Sunshine1 on Oct 06, 2005, 11:40:45 AM
ok, here's what happened.  I stated above, things didn't go very well for BF and SM at the last court hearing.  She is very insane and goes to great lengths to make crap up on me, she has even invented a phone call that never took place, so I can't wait for her to prove that one.  They live long distance so surely it would be on my cell bill or my home bill and hell just for kicks I'll bring DH cell bill.

The whole TRO is full of lies.  SM has listed an occurance from April, we already had court on all of these issues!!!!  Hel-lo it is October!!  whoever signed this order obviously didn't read it all the way through.  

Called the lawyer to tell him, and he thinks I am torturing all these people but I'M NOT!  I would sure like to now though.  If your going to get blamed for something wouldn't you at least like to do it?

Lawyer's/my approach is... funny how after a court order goes into effect, 4 days LATER I am served with a TRO?  Can you say we are trying to accomplish a different outcome in a different county???

My lawyer is going to eat him for lunch, he is unrepresented and we have already been to court over ALL of these issues.

So that is the drama this week GEEZZ!

I sure know my southern area sheriff and police depts real well these days!
Title: RE: Unreal...
Post by: lucky on Oct 06, 2005, 04:41:25 PM
I feel for you Sunshine, I really do.  It's been years since we've dealt with the false restraining orders, etc., but I remember how frustrating, infuriating, nerve-wracking, etc., etc. it was.

I'm SO glad we're beyond that now.  Good luck.  x(  (This is how I feel about your situation right now -- I'm having flashbacks.)


Lead your life so you wouldn't be ashamed to sell the family parrot to the town gossip.
- Will Rogers[em]
Title: RE: Update Lucky.....
Post by: Sunshine1 on Oct 13, 2005, 03:00:07 PM
I got a continuance Lucky!!  My lawyer was unable to be present and the court admin told me they do not "continue" harrassment hearings, so I had to actually show up for and ask for the continuance because my lawyer was unable to be lawyer then drafted a letter to the judge asking for one and why he was unable to be there...

I got a present in the mail today, I got an order for a continuance!  AHhhhh another straight week of PEACE!!!!! Lovein it!!!

That other mess was stricken from the record, because BM never even showed up for the hearing so she can't motion for it again!  Not sure if you read tha ton the 2 families page...
Title: RE: Update Lucky.....
Post by: lucky on Oct 13, 2005, 05:15:08 PM
So when do you actually go to court again?  Is the thing in effect till then?

I did read about the other one.  I don't post much but I read the boards EVERY night.  :)


Lead your life so you wouldn't be ashamed to sell the family parrot to the town gossip.
- Will Rogers[em]
Title: RE: Update Lucky.....
Post by: Sunshine1 on Oct 14, 2005, 02:33:28 PM
Next week when MY lawyer was available. He put two dates and times in the letter and the judge approved it.  Ha Ha!!  I have court next Friday afternoon for the TRO.  Yes, it is in effect until we go too.  

I have a feeling she is going to blow it though.  She has never gone 3 straight weeks without a peep since I've known her.  I will be waiting to pounce on her too for breaking her own order.  Meanwhile the no drama, trauma, as the stomach turns, crap is quite nice.  DH and I don't what to do with all our extra time from not having to keep our guard up and on high alert 24/7, or researching or calling all the county offices to get whatever report they have filed.  This has been a 2 week vacation!!  :)
Title: RE: Are you kidding...
Post by: rwbarker on Oct 29, 2005, 08:58:06 AM
Hmmm, well she will certainly be in the company of "The Demon Bitch From Hell," the least offensive nickname that I can come up with for my ex. She is a court reporter and knows the system quite well. The end product is that she ended up with 60% of our assets (the lawyers got 20% and I got 20%), has alienated my daughter and the rest of my family.

She won't rot in hell. She will sign up for a part time job.....

Title: RE: There is nothing happening in MN?????
Post by: Dibella on Oct 31, 2005, 11:01:29 AM
I'm sorry.  I certainly hope that reply was not to me.  If that is the case, "What is wrong with me?"

What is wrong with me is that this woman cannot take care of her kids and finds every opportunity to stick it to her ex husband.  And I believe the question was "There is nothing happening in MN?"

Screw you!  This is a place to vent and discuss.