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Title: Games he plays ;o)
Post by: Haleymn on Nov 16, 2005, 01:12:37 PM
Hi, even though I guess I am not new here, I did post some stuff way back awhile ago.

I sure wish this MN site would get up and moving, thanks to everyone from MN that does use it and keeps it somewhat active! I just can't believe that only like 10 people in MN need help or want to vent or share!! LOL

I just have to share this..too funny.
Well finally I was able to get NCP on having a real job, on the books!
This has taken me over 3 years and he is over $10,600 in arrears for 2 kids.
Anyway he started to work as a salesman door to door selling water treatment water softeners. He asked me if I wanted him to test my water!!
I almost fell to the floor, I couldn't believe he was telling me about a legit job!!
So I asked him about what it is that he does and who the company is.
He told me...when he left I went to the computer did a quick search, got the address, phone number, fax number and within 2 days my CW was able to get income witholding on his checks.
He asked me if I was getting that moeny and I told him yes and Thank you!
Now after just a month of getting my monthly CS payment, he is ready to quit the job...aacckkk And I haven't recieved any money again for 2 weeks. I think he figured out it is not the get rich scheme he was told it could be...working on commission.
I realize that working door to door can't be fun, but I work two jobs in the winter to get by.
So anyway people who need to find where the NCP works, get a little info and get on the internet and search it out!!