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Title: update
Post by: tulip on Nov 18, 2005, 11:18:20 PM
I am really getting frustrated w/this forum. I have tried to post like 5 times in the last week or two, and keep getting thrown out. I finally got a new pw, and ok.. let's see if it works this time.

Last week we got an affidavit from csw showing that bm sent the county a doctor's opinion that she "cannot perform any work any time in the foreseeable future" due to her mental illness. She did that in August to get welfare. However, her SS app that she sent in last summer was claiming that she could not work due to her seizures and said that she is not mentally ill. Both statements say that she is not chemically dependent, a lie that has been documented in family court already, but of course, cs court and family court are separate.

Today we were notified she was granted a continuance until January because oh let's see... her letter said she broke her foot and had to have surgery, broke it again, may need more surgery, went to AK, has been assaulted 4 times, is appealing the SS denial, and cannot sit up for more than 15 minutes. IMHO she broke her foot on purpose to get out of paying CS. She will say and do anything to avoid supporting her kids. My mom tells me that this is a huge victory for dh because he may not get any cs from her, but she just handed him the proof that she should not be allowed unsupervised visitation with the kids.

The last time she called she left a message that she is going to show up at our church on Sunday "on my crutches and my pills" and stand up in front of the whole congregation and tell them exactly what kind of person dh is and that he is training his children not to obey the ten commandments that state honor your father and mother. She needs to keep reading her Bible, because there's a lot more to it than that...

Like that's really going to make the kids respect her more and want to talk to her.
Title: RE: update
Post by: Sunshine1 on Nov 19, 2005, 05:38:16 PM
Holy Moley Tulip!  I read this and I thought you were posting about our BM.  LOL!  She is now on SSI and it is all a big fat lie.  All you need to do with the SSI not to go through is give them a jingle and let them in on the meth use.  You don't get disability for being a crack addict.  They will do their own investigation on her.

CS for us was wiped clean from the date that she filed for SSI.  BM has major depression, anorexia, post traumatic stress syndrome from being raped and Dependent disorder, and more things than that, I do not dispute any of the above, I thinks she has some screws loose,  but I know she is capable of working. Even group home people have jobs that are supervised.  She has a lieing disorder, I don't know the technical name for that one!  LOL

She isn't going to come to your church.  Hell our BM just came to the school last week for the first time and met the teachers. 1st quarter is over for cryin out loud.  Great first impression. need to post more and get this off your chest!  I miss ya!
Can't her doctor tell she is a drug addict?  It is pretty easy to detect.
Title: RE: update
Post by: tulip on Nov 19, 2005, 10:22:44 PM
No, I guess the dr's can't tell she is a drug addict. She keeps going to different ones.

She called 2night & left a message saying that she will not come tomorrow & embarass her kids. She was wasted.

SD will be finishing her 3rd & last year of middle school this spring & BM has not set foot inside that school but once to drop off a v-day gift for her in the office. Wouldn't even go to the intro night when sd was still in 5th grade. Never met any of the teachers. She hasn't even tried to speak to ss's teacher this year. Last year she called his teacher once on the phone during the 1st quarter.
Title: RE: update
Post by: Sunshine1 on Nov 20, 2005, 05:05:15 PM
Isn't that called "dr. shopping"?  You need to get all of those Dr.s documented, where they practice and what they actually do.  If there are no referrals to one or the other for anything, SSI will surely catch on.  Believe me the minute she gets SSI approved Child Support is in the toilet.  They can go all the way back from the date that she filed for SSI an retroactive the CS and end the order.

The only glimmer of hope that we have is that CS is going to actually close in her county.  A year ago we tried to transfer the case to our county and the judge said..."things just aren't that easy Mr. Sunshine...DENIED" CS, her lawyer, her and the DA were all in agreement to transfer it, we just wanted to go on record.  We all had our jaws on the floor, it made no sense at all.  Anyway it is going to close in that county, and as soon as she gets kicked off SSI, (which will happen, I just have to wait in the weeds) we can re-open it in our county!  Yippee!  Our county is waaay better than poe-dunk backwoods county we were dealing with...and I know how it runs quite well since my summer events..LOL *eyeroll*
Title: RE: update
Post by: lucky on Nov 20, 2005, 08:24:56 PM
If you're comfortable telling in the forum, what counties are you dealing with, Sunshine?  I'm curious after reading Soc's board.


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Title: RE: update
Post by: Sunshine1 on Nov 20, 2005, 09:28:04 PM
Well, I was going to post it, but just can't do it.  I PM'd you instead cuz I know ya.

Anyone else that would like to know please PM me and I will do a thorough investigation on you before releasing that information. LOL! :)