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Post by: okiebug13 on Jan 05, 2004, 02:35:29 PM
I once allowed my x to move out of state with our two children.  The reaason at the time was simple, she was already preventing the court-ordered visitation schedule and do everything in her power to make it impossible for me to see the kids, so I thought give her her fresh start and some space and maybe I'll get some more quality time in the long run.

Instead, I have been given less and less access to the kids.  This past summer she just picked-up and moved further away.  I tried to get a temporary restraining order to prevent her move, but the judge refused to grant it, instead ordered a court review.  Since she was already moved by the court date, the court choose to do nothing.

My daughter suffers with Artho-gyposis and Turner's syndrome.  She has had numerous operations to correct the conditions and requires constant therapy to improve.  Since the move my x has not done anything to stay up with these requirements.  My daughter's condition has deteriorated greatly in the last six months and I fear that without support and intervention of the court she will never recover to the positive conditions previously be improve by therapy.  My x likes to consider my daughter handicapped, instead of getting her help.

What can I do?  I know her previous doctors and therapists would agree that she has regressed.  I do not think my x is placing the welfare of the kids 1st.

Please help.

Lost and Forgotten in NH