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Title: Pls provide GAL recommendations for Southern NH
Post by: blueSprite on Jan 19, 2004, 09:49:30 AM

My husband and I are the non-custodial parents of a girl (details left out in case her mother reads this)  This child has been somehwat alienated against her father by her mother.  Mom has Borderline Personality Disorder.  During the divorce (ten years ago) she got custody because she lied through her teeth and befriended the GAL (who had just gone through a divorce herself and she totally sympathized with the mom).

Now mom is trying to complete her alienation by pushing the dad out of the picture legally (with no basis, but we're still scared as heck due to court bias towards moms).   We were trying to find a GAL who is a psychologist, but our lawyer can only find 3, and recommends against them (didn't like 2 of 'em, wasn't familiar with the third).  So now we decided to look for a male GAL, so at least the mom can't "schmooze" the GAL like last time (mom has issues with men, so we think a male GAL might give us a fighting shot).

Can any kind soul recommend a GAL that they've encountered in Southern NH?  Any GALs absolutely to stay away from?

Thanks so much!