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Title: Texas victims: Help Fix Child Custody (Or Stop Complaining)
Post by: mtbitara on Jan 27, 2004, 10:02:18 PM
From NFRC:
A fantastic opportunity has come up to fix the child custody system. You can help fix it.

One of our members, Jim Loose, has reached a legal standoff in Tarrant County Family Courts, based on a constitutional challenge he is mounting to the entire system. If he succeeds (and we have good reason to believe he has a real chance of success) then within a year or two Texas could lead the nation to a solution of the crisis that has brought us all together.

Jim's challenge to the system is based on the US Constitution's guarantee of Equal Protection of the Law. Jim has filed a case that challenges any child custody schedule other than 50/50 (except when there's abuse or neglect) as unconstitutional. Various legal experts think this challenge has a real shot at working its way up the court system and becoming the law of the land. If Jim wins, we all win because the system that's been working against us will change.
We need your help in order help Jim help us. Without public support, Jim's case may be ignored. With public support, his case will gain significant media attention, which will mean it can't be ignored. Since his argument is very strong, the media pressure on the courts to support the constitution may very well prove decisive.

How can you help? Contact James Loose at his email address: or