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Title: Texans, let's act now
Post by: mtbitara on Sep 21, 2004, 10:05:24 PM
Dear dads and moms who are victims of family court injustices:

It is now time to act to have our voices heard:

1. Sign a petition for NCP rights (there are currently 2303 signatures and we need all victims to sign):

2. If you or people you know are victims and are from states that are not yet represented in this federal lawsuit, check this link out and contact Torm Howse (via that link):

3. This coming election for US presidency, it's not just Bush and Kerry - there is also Badnarik of the Libertarian Party who is in the ballot in over 45 states. He may not win but as the only one brave enought to speak on behalf of NCPs and the injustice of designating a good parent an NCP, I encourage all who believe that reform is needed in family courts to please go to this presidential candidate's site (, specifically this page:

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