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Title: Gov. Gregoire
Post by: FatherTime on Oct 16, 2007, 12:28:59 AM
Today there was a town hall meeting with gregoire in my hometown of Yakima.  

I made a special effort; preregistered and worked on wording for my question regarding father's rights (actually family law).  

When I got there, I found the closest seat that I could and I made sure to make eye contact with the governor.  The moderator initially said that he was going to circle the room in a clockwise direction, which would have allowed me the time to make my statement and ask my question.  But when the time came, the questioning went in the opposite direction and subsequently by the time it go to my section it was too late to ask my question and make my statement.  I believe that the direction was changed because of how I postured myself.  I was ready.

The point that I would like to make is this...

When you are in a similiar situation, smile, be happy, look stupid, and they'll ask you to participate.  Otherwise, you are a threat, and the moderator is adept at picking just the right citizen to fulfill their political strategy.