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Title: Need Excellant Cheap Attorney
Post by: mmof2grls on Nov 14, 2007, 08:36:50 PM
My live in boyfriend of over a year needs an attorney.
His story:
He was married had a child. They separated over two years ago. They have a daughter whom is five now. They were living in California for the last year and now are planning on moving back to Washington where we are. They are suppose to be here the first week in December. They have no where to live except for at an unsuitable place so the mom is giving temporary custody to her older sister. They are saying it is just for 6 months or so. Shouldn't he be the one getting her? There is no parenting plan, only child support order since she was on DSHS. His wages are being garnished to pay so he is paying. He chose it that way.
Mom doesn't like me because dad and I had an affair over 5 years ago. And never talked till just over a year ago. And we started right were we left off.
He would like to file for a divorce and some type of custody but he needs an attorney. We live in King County. He has been laid off and is only working 3 days a week and getting crap for the other two and like I said is paying child support. I am trying to keep my household with two of my own kids so I don't have that much extra money.
He needs a cheap attorney.
Title: RE: Need Excellant Cheap Attorney
Post by: minicoopsmom on Dec 11, 2007, 09:40:25 PM No Attorney is Cheap, but here's a trustworthy one. Good luck.