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Title: Your Social Security pays for CS enforcement
Post by: c_alexander on Mar 04, 2005, 01:25:32 PM
It was recently brought to my attention that a part of your social security money actually goes to help enforce child supprot orders and enforcement. Take a look at this....

They are screwing us over and we are payign for it.
Title: RE: Your Social Security pays for CS enforcement
Post by: Peanutsdad on Mar 05, 2005, 02:00:58 AM
Boy....that just gives me a warm fuzzy feelin alllllll over.
Title: RE: Your Social Security pays for CS enforcement
Post by: jilly on Mar 05, 2005, 08:05:13 AM wonder anyone paying CS gets screwed.  You really can't fight City Hall...or the U.S. Government!
Title: More info coming
Post by: c_alexander on Mar 05, 2005, 06:19:11 PM
Me and a few online buddies are trying to uncover just how far this twisted mess really goes. After looking into this I was pretty depressed because in order to fix this mess the government has made...well let me put it this way. It would be FAR easier to try to rewrite the constitution then to try to fix this child support mess.

In essence this is what is happeneing. The states set up child support agencies and collect support as the judges order it. They then send information about how much they collected and other info to the US gov, who then gives then a percentage of the half billion dollars they have set aside from YOUR social security as an incentitve for the states to collect support. Note that the states are not required to prove their info is accurate, and in MOST states now there is a computer system set up to electronically take CS payments. These states by the way who have this electronic system (38 so far) get extra compensation for havingthis system set up. Anyway as the states collect child support they incure expenses, which they turn into the feds. If the states meet certain guidlines then they get reimbursed for their costs in collecting child support. In some cases they can get up to 3 times the amount they originally spent to collect the CS to begin with.

In the end a state can earn itself a nice paycheck for colelcting support and can even fund their own budgets, which MANY states have begun doing to the point that the feds have even told the states NOT to rely on this incentive money as part of their budgets. As a result of all this, judges are pretty much forced to make child support orders in divorces rather then order 50-50 shared parenting BECAUSE of ALL the money involved.

I am uncovering more info as we speak because this is jsut the tip of the iceberg people. Can you see now what we are up against if we are going to try to get these laws changed? Does it all make sense now??? We are all getting screwed by our governments federal and state so they can have more and more money. For the Kids my A$$!
Title: This isnt news... its been this way for YEARS!
Post by: SLYarnell on Mar 06, 2005, 10:34:40 PM
And it isnt just child support it is the entire court system.
Title: news to me
Post by: c_alexander on Mar 06, 2005, 11:11:50 PM
It's news to me, but it's just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more going on here. There are reimbursements, and all kinds of money changing hands. So what does this mean? It means it's going to be a harder to reform this system then one would think. Even trying to get the family law system reformed is going to mean rewriting tons of legislation. The key to this is getting these incentives and reimbursements shut off so that states can no longer use them as a source of revenue. You hit them in the wallet and you take away their power. I firmly believe if we could do away with these payments a lot of judges and courts would not have any reason NOT to order shared parenting and lower child support.

Either way this is going to be a VERY hard fight.
Title: RE: news to me
Post by: FIRM on Mar 07, 2005, 07:04:32 AM
This information has been on the FIRM site since nearly day one, but in more detail.

For the truth and how to correct the system, stay tuned to:

NCP Advocate

When Fathers's obtain custody in less than 1-2% of contested custody cases, it is obvious that there is a gender war and the only reason that "women" want to join us to "fight" the "system" is to divide us in a concerted effort to destroy Fathers and their God given rights of equal access to their children.

Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing and understand that the militant feminists will do anything, absolutely anything to stop you from parenting your own children.  Lies and deceit are their ways of life.

You have been warned...again.

Want equality?  

Welcome back to:
Fathers' Integrity & Rights Movement (FIRM)

Eric (re-opening soon)

Equality is not a dfficult concept
Title: why people gotta be like that?
Post by: c_alexander on Mar 07, 2005, 10:13:59 AM
You know it burns my a$$ that everytime I post something about the system someone has got to go anti-feminist crazy and be a woman basher and everything. Look my post has absolutely NOTHING to do with feminists or anything. What I was posting was about the system and the government which is the REAL problem. I'm not saying there are not some hateful women out there that take advantage of the system, BUT they would NOT be able to do that if the system wasn't there to begin with.

If you are going to respond to a post I write please keep it on topic and drop the anti feminist woman bashing BS PLEASE. Thats NOT what this is about and I will not associate myself with these kinds of people.

I LOVE women...=D  In the good way..haha
Title: That's ok...
Post by: FIRM on Mar 12, 2005, 12:36:17 PM
I understand that you are a newbie and are ignorant to the facts of how & why we are in this perplexing situation.

Just as you just found out about how the government is using the lies of the militant feminists in order to increase the money supply, you will also find the truth as I have espoused above.  Hopefully, you will learn this truth and act upon it beyond just telling others about new things that you have learned.

Keep an open mind and don't let the scores of years of lies get in your way.  Keep inquiring and the truth will eventually envelop you.

Good luck & keep learning,


Post by: c_alexander on Mar 14, 2005, 11:04:08 PM
Wendy McElroy is a feminist and she's actually fighting for us, but this is a lot more then a man/woman issue ERIC it's a PARENTS RIGHTS issue. Namely the rights of parents to be parents to their kids, not paychecks or strangers. I find your woman bashing comments offensive man. Sell that "HE-MAN WOMAN HATERS CLUB" stuff someplace else man. There are a lot of very positive and support women here on the boards who are also fighting for us.
Title: Y'know...
Post by: FIRM on Mar 16, 2005, 12:03:11 PM

For someone that wants to keep their post "on topic" to the thread, you sure have a funny way of doing this by attacking others that AGREE with you...

You recently learned something that has been known for decades and is intricately weaving itself into the very fiber of the money supply of every country making our respective countries reliant upon this secondary and most circumstances third and fourth money supply that is taxed upon one gender primarily for the very existence of our various countries to survive monetarily.  Quite honestly, I am glad that you are learning this and hopefully, you or the people that you help inform of these atrocities will actually be the ones that make CHANGE to system so that we as a society can achieve true equality of the genders and in turn, make child rearing what it has always been and that is the input of BOTH genders into the raising of our children.  This, in opposition to making men (mostly) financial pumps (wallets) and females the only necessary nurturers contrary to natural law and more importantly, God's laws.  So, this is good and is one of the reasons that I bothered to respond to your original post (besides letting others know that I am working for their benefit behind the scenes until FIRM is ready to come forward with it's news resources of the NCP Advocate, FIRM's TV, FIRM's Seminars and FIRM's Equality in Parenting Radio Show again...soon...very soon...).

You seem to want to believe the negative hype, lies, twists, taking out of context and etc. by those that don't want the system to change, that I am a misogynist  Far from it.  I recognize the good women of this board and the females of the FIRM site that work tirelessly for the implementation of Fathers to have the same rights as mothers.

I poignantly pointed out that what I despise are what is known as "militant feminists" commonly and increasingly being found in dictionaries throughout the world as feminazis (and for good reason since these militant feminists utilize the propaganda and techniques as espoused by the the Nazis).

I merely pointed out that because of the militant feminists utilizing the aberrant techniques of the Nazis and Communists to change the thinking of the masses via deceit and outright lies ("the masses are easier to deceive with a bigger lie than with a small lie"), that we are now and can prove that if contested, men only get custody about 1-2% of the time and this is only because the woman is worse than a prostitute and/or drug addict.

Who declared this war?  Certainly not me.  I personally love women and especially the female form.  It is the leaders of the women that have done this.   Most women do not denounce these leaders.  None of these leaders have ever denounced the S.C.U.M. Manifesto which is the most downloaded article on the internet and if you look at it honestly, it is about 75-90% complete depending upon who you ask with knowledge of the subject.

As men, when war is declared upon us, we fight back.  If you don't fight back then what are you when others are trying to deride you of your stature, finances and elimination of your rights to your own children?  You are either a woman, a man that wants to be a woman or wimp.

But, if you don't recognize the truth of what is happening and will continue to happen, you will be forced to repeat history and the subsequent future enslavement of the male species for the benefit of the militant feminists.  Most women (not all) love this because they gain.  They gain a lot.  Unfortunately, our children lose because of this selfishness.  Women can just say "no" to these demands of their feminists leaders, but do not.  Human nature?  Probably.  It does not make it right and that is why I do not consider fathers rights a nasty term as most here do because of the scores of years of "conditioning" that is rampant throughout our schools and government.

Just like Larry Summers made no wrong statement about the differences in the genders and was just exploring what is a given fact...  just like Warren Farrell's recent book showing how we have been deceived for scores of years in the wage disparity department...  Just as you are just learning about this stuff...  There are others that are older, more experienced and have been fighting this system for scores of years that can see this as plain as day...  You will have to find your own way in this tangled mess...

But y'know what?  I gave you facts and figures that are easily verified to prove my point.  What do you do to counter it?  Think about it...  You attacked me as a person instead of looking at what I said that again, is easily verifiable and tried to make me out to be someone that I am not.  You even did this without the effort of trying to prove me wrong (and, you can't).  There is nothing in your attacks of my statements that you can disprove so, as a child will do or more commonly, what the militant feminists do, you attacked the person instead of the message because you can not and never will be able to disprove anything that I say for the simple fact that what I say is the truth and the only thing you have to rely upon are lies and deceit.

So, attacker and hate monger, continue your studies.  I will be around for a long, long time.  You can apologize for your behavior now or later, but unlike most here, I will be around until true equality is finally achieved and hopefully, beyond just that in child custody and support arenas as opposed to making one gender "more equal" than the other...

Open your eyes and mind.

Good luck,

Title: P.S. to the "Y'know..." thread...
Post by: FIRM on Mar 16, 2005, 12:26:45 PM
I don't know if you have ever read Carely Roberts or not.  If you have not, I suggest that you do.  All his articles can be found on and

His most latest article is below.   He is truly a genius and knows his stuff inside and out...

Soft Totalitarians on the Loose at the UN

March 16, 2005

by Carey Roberts

News Flash – UN top brass have begun to realize that the American public is growing tired of the non-stop scandals oozing like putrid swamp-fill from the world body. Appearing on Fox News Sunday this past weekend, UN chief of staff Mark Malloch Brown was forced to admit, “In a very real way, we seem to have lost touch with the great middle in America.”

But Mr. Brown is actually quite fortunate.

Because if Middle Americans knew how radical feminists are working tirelessly behind the scenes to spread their socialistic views of gender equality, he would be facing a public relations problem of tsunamic proportions.

The Gender Warriors now operate with impunity from three base camps within the UN bureaucracy:

1. Commission on the Status of Women – This committee orchestrated the 1995 Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action. The CSW organized the 10-year progress review of Beijing that concluded this past Friday in New York City [].

2. Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) – Originally adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1979, this Trojan Horse treaty now has 179 signatory nations [].

3. Inter-agency Network on Women and Gender Equality – This is the group that rides herd on the countless UN agencies and initiatives designed to promote women’s issues [].

Gender feminists are now working to expand their agenda to encompass the full range of specialized UN agencies. For an eye-opening look at the bullying tactics they use, pick up a copy of Dale O’Leary’s book, The Gender Agenda.

This is just a partial list of the UN organizations that now specialize in gender issues:

-- UNIFEM, the UN Development Fund for Women: Serves as the bully pulpit for director Noeleen Heyzer, whose high-voltage rhetoric makes Gloria Steinem sound like a bow-tie conservative.

-- UNICEF: Headed by arch-feminist Carol Bellamy, who succeeded in proving you can make a renowned organization go bad in just a few short years []

-- UN Population Fund: Aims to control population growth through the shameless huckstering of abortion services and forced sterilizations on women and teenage girls.

-- UNAIDS: Shows what happens when Leftist ideology is substituted for sound science in the fight to stop AIDS [].

-- World Health Organization: Thanks to former feminist director Gro Harlem Brundtland, gives top billing to women’s health, even though men suffer from shorter lifespans [].

Still, the Sisterhood seeks to maximize its body count. Watch for these upcoming search-and-destroy missions in the coming months:

First the femmes want to gender mainstream the rest of the UN. In case you hadn’t heard, gender mainstreaming is “the process of assessing the implications for women and men of any planned action, including legislation, policies, or programs, in all areas and at all levels.” Note the all-encompassing phrases, “any planned action” and “in all areas and at all levels.”

Second, in order to focus its efforts, the UN has established what it calls Millenium Development Goals []. Out of the eight Goals, two are specific to women:

-- Promote gender equality and empower women

-- Improve maternal health

Now the feminists want to “mainstream” the gender perspective to the six remaining Development Goals. That may happen as early as this coming September at the MDG Summit.

Third, the rad-fems have designs on the International Criminal Court. The ICC now claims jurisdiction over a long list of so-called “crimes against humanity,” including forced pregnancy and sexual violence.

“Forced pregnancy” is fem-speak for not providing free abortion services, and no one has yet to define “sexual violence.” But once they fortify their power base, the Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice no doubt will tell us what they have in mind [].

In the past, totalitarianism was enforced by the GULAG, goon squads, and economic reprisals. That was “hard” totalitarianism.

Now we face a new threat, what Italian politician Rocco Buttiglione likes to call “soft totalitarianism.” Buttiglione sees this trend unfolding at the European Union, which regulates the smallest details of life down to the permissible curve of bananas.

Soft totalitarianism has a kinder, gentler face. It pretends to advance the cause of equality. It claims to be working for a gender utopia.

But in practice, soft totalitarianism relies on government-sponsored bribery (known as the welfare state), top-down imposition of laws, rampant distortions of fact, and mass re-education [].

The end result of both forms of totalitarianism is exactly the same – concentration of power in the government, economic stagnation, undermining of the family, and curtailment of individual liberties.

At the UN, the color of jackboots is lavender and pink.

Carey Roberts

Title: RE: Y'know...
Post by: richiejay on Mar 16, 2005, 08:03:13 PM
Y'know really are a moron......
Title: RE: Y'know...
Post by: c_alexander on Mar 16, 2005, 10:16:37 PM
Ha ha offense but that's funny.