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Title: Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana
Post by: c_alexander on Mar 14, 2005, 11:18:01 PM
I have been trying ot do my part and have written several letters to my senator Evan Bayh with regards to my fight to get to Colorado as well as my concerns about the state of family law in this county. Out of ALL of the people I have written HE has been the ONLY one to every take the personal time to write me back. No preformed letter, but actually write me back and address the issues I presented.

My reason for mentioning this to you all is that I firmly believe that if we were to write him with our concerns...even if we are not living in Indiana he might take our pleas for help more seriously then most of the politicians I have been in contact with. Word has it that he will be running for President next election.

I for one plan to write him with regards to the federal funding for child support enforcement AND federal reimbursement to states for child support collection...BOTH of which are being used to feed the ever growing budgets of the states. Senators Bayh I believe WANTS to help, but does not yet see this as a federal issue but rather a state issue. With President Bush trying to reform social secruity now might be a great time to get our letters to senator Bayh to see if anything can be done about removing the incentives to states for child support enforcement being paid for with social security money. This would mean half a billion dollars EXTRA to social security each year.

I say we all start a letter writing campaign to Senator Bayh. Perhaps even if he can't do anything about it now, it might plant a seed for when he is trying to run for president in a few years.

You can get Senator Evan Bayh address at the weblink below.

Let me know what you all think....

Title: hey anyone even see this post?
Post by: c_alexander on Mar 16, 2005, 10:19:43 PM
A lawmaker is actually interested in hearing from the parents rights communtiy about shared parenting, child support and the federal funding of child support enforcement.....we need to write Senator Bayh. Let him know he can count on our votes in his future presidential campaign IF he addresses some of our problems perhaps....