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Title: “Hannity & Colmes” - Gloria Allred - Fox News report
Post by: Bolivar on Jun 02, 2005, 10:09:51 AM
I thought this was interesting.

No matter where you sit on the fence when judging the Jackson case, Gloria Allred went to far with her statement on the Fox News.


This must be sent to everyone who fights for family rights.

On Hannity & Colmes tonight, June 1, Gloria Allred made a statement that “[EM]she felt Jackson should loose his children regardless the outcome of the trial[/EM]”. She then said “[EM]children are removed all the time based on reported allegations and basically said no proof of wrong doing was needed to do so.[/EM]”

We must all jump on this chance to demand the show do a segment on this issue. Fox news claims to be fair and balanced so this may be a great chance to bring this issue to public light. Please everyone email them ASAP and demand they do a show on the DOJ Stats that say more then 3 million children are removed each year based on false allegations. Write them at and forward this to every person, and group you know.

This is NOT about judging the Jackson case but it is a chance to get attention to this very important issue. Don't let this chance slip away. Please write them ASAP!


An interesting take of the “Hannity & Colmes” Fox News report:


Subject: Hannity & Colmes reveals the TRUTH about FAMILY Courts

On Hannity & Colmes last evening (1 June) Gloria Allred made a statement that she felt "[EM]Jackson should loose his children regardless of the outcome of the trial.[/EM]"

She then said children are "[EM]removed from their parents all the time based solely on reported allegations and that no proof of wrong doing was needed for the FAMILY courts to do so.[/EM]"

Isn't that exactly what we (25-MILLION noncustodial parents) have been decrying for all to hear for the last 35 years of the FAILED Social(ist) Experiment of these last 35 years?

AT LONG LAST it is finally revealed in the media (IN PRIMETIME!!!!) that children are systematically taken from their parents by the FAMILY courts [EM]"solely on the basis of allegations and without a NEED to adjudicate on the basis of PROOF!!!!!! [/EM]

If this doesn't violate every fundamental liberty espouse by the US Constitution, then what does???

MANY THANKS To Fox, Hannity & Colmes of their TRUTH IN REPORTING, and to Gloria Allred for her honesty - a rare thing in a lawyer (aka Divorce Industry proponent).

Regards from a LIVE BEAT Dad,

Glenn L. Eckles, Jr.
308 Sugar Maple Drive
Gerrardstown, WV 25420
(formerly of Maryland, where children are systematically and illegally denied their Father)
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Title: Passing this on........and on, and on
Post by: MYSONSDAD on Jun 02, 2005, 07:29:57 PM

"Children learn what they live"