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Title: Spend more time.
Post by: dumbo on Dec 17, 2003, 03:35:46 PM
Sure pbfh wants to spend more time with ds thats why last week he canceled, this week whenI asked for one day he suggested that ds sleep at my house the night befor so we don't have to pick him up in the am. Right now we are on a 4day here 3 day there plan. We had a GAL appointed an when I called for an appointment the GAL told mre to call back to schedule when I had most of the money. All this is over the amount of child support. All of a sudden 50-50 seems like a good idea. MY FOOT. " Sorry just ranting. There is no issue, never has been never will be, it's just about money. For shame. The "child" is 15 years old 150 a month does not go very far.