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Title: Probation Officers for a minor child
Post by: cinb85 on Feb 04, 2008, 10:22:57 AM
Does anyone have experience with probation officers of a minor child.

My DD got herself into a little trouble last October and was put on probation.  We received a letter from her probation officer telling her what her probation conditions are (community service, attending school, etc.).  Isn't the probation officer supposed to call every once in awhile to check in on her?  He has never called.  The letter doesn't state that DD has to call him.  I have called him twice.  The first time it took him 3 days to return my call.  This second time (which was last week), he still hasn't returned my call and it's very important.  My DD is starting her community service today and the place where she will be volunteering needs the PO to fax something to them.  

I'm not getting a good feeling about her PO!
Title: RE: Probation Officers for a minor child
Post by: lucky on Feb 04, 2008, 05:01:37 PM
We have, some are good, some not so good.

We just found out from ds's school that he's been released from probation - the PO told them that when they invited her to his IEP.  We have NOTHING from their office notifying us of that.  She is one of the not so good category.


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Title: RE: Probation Officers for a minor child
Post by: Kitty C. on Feb 04, 2008, 10:33:30 PM
DS was on probation and had a PO that I was very impressed with.  She was an ex-cop and I wouldn't even want to pi$$ her off even on a good day!  :-)

She called me when there was an upcoming court date or making arrangements for his residential tx.  And she only talked to DS when she wanted to give him an 'attitude adjustment'!  But no, she did not call every once in a while, because part of his probation involved being supervised by home and school.  Here in IA, that type of contact is apparently a given for minors, unless they are in residential tx (and then they are supervised 24/7 anyway).  It's very different than an adult, who normally doesn't have to answer to anyone.  That's why PO's stay in closer touch with adults.  At least that's been my take on the situation.

But at least she would return my calls within a day or so if I left her a message.  If you can go over this guy's head to his supervisor, I would certainly ask what his specific responsibilties are to you and your DD.  Make sure when you do call him, you detail in your message what you are calling about and when you expect to hear back from him.  If you just leave a message that you want him to call you, he might very well take his time.............if you're in a metro area, I can about guarantee you the caseloads of PO's, even for juveniles, is pretty high.  We live in a rural area, but DS's PO work two counties and I know her caseload was high.  It's no excuse, but I understand it.
Title: I was very specific in my phone message
Post by: cinb85 on Feb 05, 2008, 07:08:58 AM
I told him that I needed to talk to him by Monday because there were some things that I needed him to fax to the child care center where DD would be doing her community service.  He never returned my call yesterday.

We live in a very rural area.  Not sure if the PO is busy, but he might work two counties.  I know that the judges in our area work two counties.  

If I don't hear from him by noon today, I'm going to call again and leave another message asking him to call me back (I will tell him that it is very important that he return my call).

Title: I really needed him to return my call by yesterday
Post by: cinb85 on Feb 05, 2008, 07:11:11 AM
and I told him that in my message, but he never returned my call.  Luckily I was able to resolve the problem myself, but he doesn't know that!

I STILL need to talk to him, so I am going to call him again this morning.

Title: Like I said..............
Post by: Kitty C. on Feb 05, 2008, 11:33:08 AM
Go over his head to his supervisor (if you can track them down) if you have to.  Sounds like he's not very diligent...........
Title: RE: Like I said..............
Post by: wendl on Feb 22, 2008, 10:43:37 PM
I would agree with Kitty go over the PO's head to the supervisor.  

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