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Title: Drl Phil on Monday
Post by: janM on Dec 02, 2008, 04:07:58 PM
Anyone see Dr. Phil yesterday (Dec. 1st)? It was about parents who abducted their kids.

I missed the first story but...

That poor dad whose son was taken to Brazil... What's the point of the Hague treaty if it's not going to be upheld? That marriage should be declared illegal (she was still married to Dad) and that boy returned to his dad. Change his birth certificate? There is only one legal one and it's from the states. "Step dad" is a legal stranger to this child.

What I find unbelievable is that "step dad" is an attorney who deals with child abduction cases! HUH?? Whether that boy has been in Brazil for 4 months or 4 years, his dad has constitutional rights. Doesn't matter that too much time has gone by. It might be different if there was a legal adoption where due process was followed. There is no process here! And children are adopted all the time after being in a place for years.

He's lost his mother. She effectively made Dad disappear. At the very least Dad needs to have time with his son.  Like someone on the show said, all you have to do is take your kid to Brazil, stay there long enough, and Dad goes away! NOT!!

And the mom who ran off with her daughter, claiming abuse...who do you believe? Sounds pretty fishy to me. Dad's attorney says there were no previous claims of abuse in court. She admitted that she wanted to limit Dad's time and he was demanding his rights. Sounds all too mom's time is limited with the child.

Kudos to Dr. Phil this time for standing up for the dads.