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Title: my daughter needs me... Help please
Post by: joshmcg on Oct 21, 2005, 04:53:40 PM
I will try to be straight and to the point here.  I am a new member as of today and I hope that someone can help with my situation.

Here are the FACTS

My daughter is currently being taken care of by her Grandfather.

He only allows his own daughter to visit her child (my baby girl) when he approves it.

The reasoning for this is as follows.  The childs mother has taken the wrong path.  It has been determined and stated by her father that she is into drugs and other things that has made her unfit to take care of her own daughter.
within the past year she has done the following

possesion of parafanalia
2 driving w/suspended license
possesion of alchol by a minor
class c felony forgery charge  
receiving stolen property

Her father has made her go to rehab

Her father has stated that the mother of my child and there lawyer have drawn up paperwork stating that custody of the baby belongs to him.

I have called cps numerous times and they have done nothing

I get visitation every other weekend

My daughter does not deserve to be passed around.  I am her father, and I feel as if my hands are tied.  I could go on for ever about situations that I do not approve of and I feel are unsafe for my daughter.
we have been threatened by the grandfather that he will deny everything and try to cover up his daughters past if any attempts to get custody are brought up.  PLAESE HELP
Title: RE: my daughter needs me... Help please
Post by: mom_in_tn on Nov 02, 2005, 12:56:35 PM
What was the original order ? Do you have "Shared Parenting" ? If thats the case I was under the assumption that when/if anything happened to the parent that has primary custody the custody went to the non primary parent ..... Id check with a lawyer and see what they say. It makes no sense that the grandfather could go to court and have primary custody changed to him without someone notifying you.