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Title: Emergency change of custody ..... has anyone else had this happen ??
Post by: mom_in_tn on Nov 02, 2005, 12:40:48 PM
Well, I get a call this morning from my oldest daughter (16.5 yrs) and she is extremely upset and crying on her way to school. Her grandmother jumped on her this morning, bashing me and her and all kinds of other trash.
I went to the school and had the principal call my daughter to the office along with a school counselor. My daughter was saying she was going to runaway etc.... I called my ex husband at work and told him that we needed to talk about our daughter and what had happened. He claims he will call me after work so we can talk.... Im not going to hold my breath that he will call.
My husband and I contacted a lawyer and we told him the situation. The lawyer says that if my ex doesnt not call me and we can not reach some kind of agreement as to what needs to happen with our daughter ( I want her to live with me and thats what she wants) then we will file for an emergency change of custody..... has anyone ever had to do that before and what happens ????