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Title: What is included in CS
Post by: prenticect on Dec 14, 2009, 04:28:34 PM
I have not talked to alawyer yet; but I have so far not been able to get a straight answer on this question.  I am asking here as these laws are all different by state.
To make round number, let say for 2 kids u should pay $1,200 and say that is the max # based on the % and income.  If you pay their medical, does that come out of this number? What about paying for school?
I am trying to get a handle to know if I will go bankrupt or not because of this. It seems that even with phsyical custody at 50%, the amount paid will not be adjusted too much.
Is it possible to be primary caregiver andstill pay child support?  Is it possible to be primiary caregiver and have phsyical custody < 50%?
Any insight?