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Title: Visitation in Orange County VA
Post by: tootie on Jun 05, 2011, 01:16:16 PM
I need  help bad. I need a very good attorney that will not cost alot of money. I am trying to get visitation for my 1 year old daughter. I have been back and forth to court for the past year and I only get one hour  2 days a week. I pay child support and I do not have a criminal record. My child has never been to my house and she has never met her grand parents. I do have an attorney now but he keeps giving me the run around. My childs mother calls at the last minute and cancels when it's time for me to visit my daughter. Please if anyone has any information or a good attorney please respond. I luv my daughter and I will do anything to get the chance to spend time with her. Any information will help.