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Title: Getting Ready to Give Up !
Post by: Chooch0566 on Apr 17, 2006, 08:40:14 AM
CP (aka, babies momma) is causing way too much stress and strife in life...she recently called DCYF on my wife because daughter came back to her with a scratch on her shoulder and told BP that it was from a towel that my wife threw at her ... lie.

CP, doesn't make anything easy .. whether it's todo with complying to visitation or me being able to take my daughter on vacation with me for a week .. it's ALWAYS a fight ..

Does anyone know what's involved in reliquishing one's parental rights ..

Please respond .. this is chewing on my mind and I'm about to go crazy !!

Title: It can be tempting but
Post by: Ref on Apr 17, 2006, 09:25:48 AM
As far as I understand, relinquishing your rights only takes away any of your rights to see your child. It doesn't stop Child Support unless someone adopts the child.

If your goal is to be rid of your ex, obviously this wont work if you are still sending her checks. She will just use that to start fights, if she is anything like DH's ex.

Your best bet is to get everything spelled out EXPLICITLY about visitation and child support. Dates, times, who is allowed to do what, out of country provisions. This will limit the pain that you and honestly your child and your ex will have to go through.

There are some on this board that have already delt with false allegations with DCYF. I have no personal experience. Ask for advise on that speifically.

Good Luck and best wishes
Title: RE: It can be tempting but
Post by: Chooch0566 on Apr 17, 2006, 09:29:35 AM
Everything IS already spelt out .. dates, times, money issues .. but CP is constantly in contempt of the order and my lawyer does nothing about it ...

CP is just a jealous, vindictive woman who will not be happy unless I allow her to call all the shots ... Which I already have given her several liberties when we wrote up the visitation order.

She does not like my wife and will do anything to make waves in my home.

I'm just ready to give it all up and let her deal alone .. I have no problem continuing to support my child financially.
Title: RE: It can be tempting but
Post by: janM on Apr 17, 2006, 10:14:18 AM
My advice? Stop visits if you want to. Tell ex she has won, you will see child when she is of age or if ex ever decides to let her. DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR RIGHTS. It's forever. It will only convince the child that Mom was right and Dad is a loser who gave her up. She may think that if you stop visits too.