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Title: DGD is back home!
Post by: msme on Sep 30, 2011, 10:25:59 PM
A life lesson has been learned & now she will back up & regroup. I got a call Monday of last week, from DGD bawling & saying that she had a fight with the guy who convinced her to move back to TX & she wants to come home. She had lots of job apps in place but there is no work. She moved back to a small town with maybe 35 small businesses & a grocery store & about 150 kids that graduated a month before she got there.
The PBFH wants nothing to do with her because she won't come help her with the new baby. Of course she lives about 15 miles away & PBFH threw her out the last time she was there & also won't send her boyfriend to pick her up. I talked to gr8dad & decided DF & I would go Tuesday to get her. Late Monday, she calls & says McDonalds called her & she has an interview on Wednesday. She will be staying.
After the interview, she calls & says she has the job as soon as she takes a 3 hour course & gets a county food handlers card. I call the health dept & find that the course is held on Thursdays & costs $20. I bank in that town so I call & get them to give her $25 so she can take the test & pay someone $5 for gas to take her. She calls back about 3:00 & says the guy has ditched her & she wants to come home. He is threatening her. I put the police on alert & learn that they are very familiar with him. He has a long criminal history & a reputation for abusing women. I called some friends & they went & picked her & her stuff up & took her to their home for the night. We left 4:30 AM, Thursday, drove 12 hours & got her. Left Friday morning & drove 12 hours back home. It has taken us a week to recover. LOL I am 2 dang old for this stuff. She is settled back in with her dad & brothers & glad to be home. She is looking for a job & planning to start college.
As we were leaving town, DF asked her if she wanted to stop by & say good-bye to her mother. She didn't say no, she said, "Hell No!" Hopefully, she has finally figured out the PBFH. Does the drama never end?
Title: Re: DGD is back home!
Post by: Kitty C. on Oct 01, 2011, 05:48:24 PM
Wow, msme!  What a lot of drama to go through!  But she's home now and obviously a whole lot wiser.  Sometimes it takes something like this to make them see the truth.  I have a gut feeling that she knew all along, but since it's her mother, she didn't want to believe it and probably was in denial for a long time.  BM obviously hit bottom with her and DGD finally had enough.  I'm just glad that it happened soon enough so that BM didn't ruin her life completely!
Title: Re: DGD is back home!
Post by: msme on Oct 02, 2011, 05:17:38 AM
Thanks, Kitty. Yeah, I guess it proves the theory that we were always hearing about how it takes the kids till somewhere between 18 & 25 to figure out an abusive parent. Since we got home, the kids all got a text from PBFH telling them not to ever text or call her boyfriend again. It was devastating to the little guy, since she never answers her phone or responds to texts. They would contact him & he would answer & then hand her the phone. It sounds like they broke up but no one knows for sure. Maybe he got tired of her mother, who has not gone home yet. It seems that the son she was living with is in no hurry to get her back. LOLROTFLMAO! I would love to be a fly on that wall.

I do worry about the baby but nothing I can do. I guess that is a true case of NMP (Not My Problem) I think that she is trying to get the PBFH to go back with her & no one back there wants the PBFH living near them. I heard from DGD that she is filing a big lawsuit against the dr for several things. Some are just plain dumb & the rest are outrageous. Her incision hasn't completely closed & she claims he told her it may never close. She also claims that as they were wheeling her into the OR for the delivery, he told her that probably either her or the baby would die. But the wildest one is that when you are pregnant your back twists & during delivery the doc is supposed to straighten it & she is suing him because he forgot to do it & now she has back aches. LOL I can't believe she has found a lawyer to take that case. But it sure goes a long way to show what kind of a nut we have been dealing with all these years.

Oh yeah, she got her court date moved back from 9/15 to 10/4 because of her "condition". I'll let you all knows what happens.
Title: Re: DGD is back home!
Post by: MixedBag on Oct 02, 2011, 05:58:41 AM
let's hope she doesn't suffer from memory loss -- and doesn't repeat this mistake.
Title: Re: DGD is back home!
Post by: Kitty C. on Oct 02, 2011, 02:41:22 PM
OMG....wouldn't you love to be in that court room for the prelim. hearing on that law suit?  I'd just want to hear how tough it wil be for the opposing atty. and judge to stifle the laughter!  Or to hear the judge say 'Are you insane, lady?'  To which her atty. will be dying to say 'Absolutely, sir!'
It amazes me how some people that stupid are able to even stay alive......or if they can, how they do it without wearing a helmet........