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Title: court results
Post by: Spaceman1982 on Dec 12, 2011, 01:38:03 PM
We had court a couple of days ago. My ex is the one who owed 5gs back support, her ex testified about drug usage for my ex and new husband, and has a active warrant for her arrest out.
We had mailed out our motion to her last legal address and the last address I was aware of (due to a private investigator telling me) and my ex never filed a countermotion. The week of the hearing my attorney told me to email her and let her know we had court. I did. She responded.....said she had court in Jan for the same thing. i think she threw away the motion we filed cuz it wasnt just child support.
So she didnt show up....and now she is on supervised visits and I was awarded attorney fees and past support.